Here’s a vocal coach reaction to Chris Cornell singing a Soundgarden song from the Badmotorfinger album called “Slaves & Bulldozers”. It probably showcases Cornell’s vocal peak with his ability to have distorted vocals, with epic levels of intensity.

This reaction is from Celebrity vocal coach Roger Love who is likely the best vocal coach in the world. He’s trained actors like Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart), Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born) and Jaoquin Phoenix (as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line).

He’s also worked with actual rock star singers ranging from Def Leopard and Motely Crue to Gwen Stefani and John Mayer.

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Chris Cornell is arguably one of the best vocalists of all time and certainly my favourite. I’m a huge Audioslave and Soundgarden fan, but I also enjoy a lot of his solo material and the Temple of the Dog album.

I’ve also been fascinated by Cornell’s vocal technique and am confident that Roger’s program will help me with this vocal style.

When I had the opportunity to interview Roger, I wanted to get his ‘vocal coach reaction’ and to Chris Cornell singing “Slaves and Bulldozers” to understand a bit more about what he’s doing with his singing technique.

Roger Love’s vocal reaction to Chris Cornell was certainly an interesting one and I definitely picked up a couple of new vocal tips.

It’s so interesting how a pro singing teacher can hear the techniques so quickly and knows how to replicate them and teach them.

Lemme know what you think about this vocal coach reaction to Soundgarden/Chris Cornell by leaving a comment below and also definitely check out the Roger Love Singing Academy to take a step in the right direction towards your vocals here:

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