So! The annual Vancouver Guitar Show is usually around November 25th and on a Sunday. It’s been happening at The Croatian Cultural Center, right on the corner of Commercial Drive and 16th ave for the last few years.

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This event is an event that all of us guitarists in Vancouver CANNOT MISS!

I’ve been lucky enough to see it grow over the last few years and I look forward to it every November. I was even apart of it a few years ago promoting my Vancouver based “Will Ripley Guitar School” and had a table spreading the word of the lessons I provide (now based world wide through

I met Todd Bainbridge through Long and Mcquade. He is the man with the plan and organizes the Vancouver Guitar Show every year. It’s grown to the point where Roland has sponsored the event 2 years in a row. You’ll hear some radio ads on 99.3 The Fox as well as Classic Rock 101.

So Todd is kinda a big deal and November 25th is his heyday. The thing you gotta know about Todd is – the guy knows things and stuff about guitars. Like so much, he is an encyclopedia. Like, the guy knows so much about guitars and amps that it will make your head spin. Todd can take a look at how many screws are in a pickguard and tell you what year your guitar is. It’s….GUITARDED.

Lemme elaborate…

He had one look at this old Fender 2×12 cabinet I bought and was able to tell me that it was a showman cab, it was a 1967 and the grill cloth on the front was from the 70’s because it was “OBVIOUSLY” replaced. And here I thought it was a 1980 Bandmaster cab. WRONG. He spat this off by eyeballing the damn thing.

So only this guy would have the skills, knowledge and database in Vancouver to put on a show like the Vancouver Guitar Show.

I have picked up a couple of gems from the show in the last couple of years, most notably a 1970s Vox wah-wah pedal. Extremely cool!

Go check it out and connect with the people there. This is the #1 opportunity to get in touch with what vintage and new gear is out there. Big and small companies are there, promoting new and old products. There are also enthusiasts that are just trying to move some of their gear they’ve acquired over the years.

Check it out!

If you’re interested in the guitar lessons I provide go here and see if it’s for you –