The Amazing Metronome Exercise To Improve Your Rhythm Today

Do you want to know how to improve all aspects of your playing and musicality with one set of exercises? There is one element of music that easily separates the good from the great, from the legendary, and that element is rhythm and timing.

The fact of the matter is you could spend a ton of time learning all the open chords, all the barre chords, all the scales, arpeggios, theory, techniques and you name it but if you don’t play them with good rhythm they will just sound bad.

That’s why in this lesson today we’ll be going over a great exercise that takes just a few minutes a day to drastically improve your sense of rhythm and timing. It also scales in difficulty so as you get better you can continue to challenge yourself.

Not only will you sound better when you play, but you’ll be able to relax and let go of the nagging voice in your head trying to keep track of just how many down strokes versus up strokes you’re doing in your strumming pattern, or how long it will be before you change chords.

Truly if there’s any one exercise you should make sure to hit in your daily practice, it’s this one. So make sure you download the PDF and be sure to enjoy the lesson!

0:00 – Start
0:42 – Lesson Intro (get the tabs downloaded here!)
3:00 – How Working With A Metronome Is Backwards
3:45 – Step 1: Playing One Note Per Click
4:30 – Playing Step 1 Together
5:16 – Step 2: Playing Two Notes Per Click
6:12 – Playing Step 2 Together
7:15 – Step 3: Playing Three Notes Per Click
8:02 – Playing Step 3 Together
8:42 – Step 4: Playing Four Notes Per Click
9:48 – Playing Step 4 Together
10:32 – Some Thoughts On Applying This Exercise
11:34 – Bonus Step: Playing Through All The Steps
12:55 – Closing Notes

Thanks so much for downloading the PDF and checking out the lesson. I truly hope it’s helped push your guitar playing forward.

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