The first time I teach a student 1-on-1, I use a fast 3 step system. This 3 step system will quickly reveal to me exactly what your guitar goals, and playing level are. This way we can accelerate your guitar progress with the creation of your custom guitar plan.

The most powerful step in my 3 step system is the creation of your “10 Song dream list”

On the first guitar lesson, or even before your first guitar lesson, we ask that you compile a list of 10 songs you’d love to one day play on the guitar.

Now I want these 10 to be the songs, riffs, and solos that just FIRE YOU UP. The songs that inspired you to pick up the guitar in the first place.

Even though writing down 10 of your favourite songs might sound so simple, just taking a few minutes to choose 10 of your favourite tunes is insanely powerful and is the first step to accomplishing your guitar goals.

Now, If you’re a beginner, a lot of the songs on your song list might be out of reach at first. But what makes this song list so effective is we’ll be able to select songs, and techniques that will be not only attainable but also, fun to learn. Most importantly, you will eventually be able play the songs on your actual list, plus a ton more.

Cuz here’s the thing – I want to show you songs and styles you’re interested in. I’ll structure your sessions so they’ll be customized to your goals, taste in music, and how much practice time you have.

Certainly, I want to show you pro techniques and theory that will compliment your favourite songs and styles, but the reason you’re taking guitar lessons is so you can play YOUR favourite stuff – and I wanna help you get there.

I’m not the type of teacher who is going to force feed uninteresting concepts and songs to you. If an instructor is showing you something you have no interest in, you aren’t going to feel inspired to practice. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of guitar teachers out there who operate like this, but we approach teaching guitar very differently.

Probably one of the biggest things my students are so thankful for in my teaching style is my preparation outside of the lesson time. What this means for you is that I’ll show up to every guitar lesson with a plan that will push you just as hard as you need to be pushed.

You won’t feel overloaded with work, and you’ll feel inspired to practice.

The “10 Song System” To Your Customized Guitar Plan

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