Here’s a Super Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners Acoustic Fingerstyle – Ain’t No Sunshine Guitar Lesson.

Are you curious to know what Fingerstyle guitar method is? It’s when you play the guitar without a pick by plucking the strings with the tips of your fingers.

By planting your picking hand on the bridge of the guitar (usually your right hand if you’re right handed) then stability gets established. This will allow more detail and accuracy when picking the strings with your thumb and and first 3 fingers.

The fingers that pick the strings in fingerstyle/fingerpicking guitar method are your thumb, pointer finger, 2nd finger (middle finger) and 3rd finger (ring finger in Europe!).

Finger picking allows a warmer, rounder tone than using a guitar pick because your actual soft, human flesh touches the strings, and not a plastic pick.

Arpeggios are possible with fingerpicking and the fingerstyle guitar technique. Arpeggiating is a finger picking guitar technique where 1 note at a time get played instead of strumming chords. This is at it’s core the finger style guitar method – playing one note at a time with your fingers and not a pick.

These notes that you pluck with your fingers are usually derived from a chord. That is arpeggiating a chord using the finger picking/ finger style technique.

Many people spell finger picking as one word “fingerpicking” and finger style as one word “fingerstyle” – you should know they are in reference to the exact same guitar technique – arpeggiating chords using your picking hand using your thumb and fingers 1,2,3.

Your pinky finger is often NOT used in fingerpicking. Really you have 4 limbs to use with your thumb and fingers 1-3 and that’s usually sufficient for picking strings with your fingers on the guitar and playing guitar without a pick.

In this lesson we’re using the famous blues song “ain’t no sunshine” on acoustic guitar by Bill Withers.

For us as guitar teachers at – we’ve had a lot of success teaching this to total beginner guitar players. This is a great example of a super easy guitar song for beginners on acoustic using the fingerstyle method.

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