Here’s 3 Super Easy Guitar Licks For Beginners Electric.

Here are the three essential rock/blues/Metal licks that a guitarist needs to know.

These easily repeatable, lead guitar soloing techniques, commonly referred to as “licks”, use the most common lead guitar scale called the minor pentatonic scale.

Bands such as Led Zeppelin featuring the famous lead guitarist Jimmy Page were well known to use some of these super easy electric guitar licks.

These simple electric guitar shapes are easy because they’re only use a few notes on the fretboard that repeat. Therefore, it’s easy to learn them and when practiced slowly you can take these three or four note shapes and practice them so that your lead guitar playing we’ll start to sound impressively fast overtime.

This is exactly what a lot of famous guitar solos are based out of is 1. the minor pentatonic scale and 2. using a repeated sequence of only a few notes.

I hope you enjoy this lesson on our top three super easy electric guitar licks for beginners.

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