Here’s Super Easy Guitar Chords / Very Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

Yours truly! Will Ripley (Campfire Guitar Star)

The Best Chords To Learn First – All The Chords You Need To Know

In the last chapter, we learned about reading chord charts and we covered an E minor, Cadd9 and A major.

In this chapter we’re going to continue this process of learning more, must-know chords. You can probably guess there are a lot of chords that you can play on the guitar. Knowing the chords that I’m about to show you will be the best start to playing many classic songs.

I want to show you the C major D major, E major, G major, A minor, and E Minor.

We’re skipping over the really tough chords that honestly, a beginner guitar player doesn’t need to worry about.

If you follow the chapters all the way through until the end, I will show you how to play every single major and minor chord, up to 3 different ways! But until then, let’s focus on these important, basic chords.

Starting with a D chord, we will talk about some techniques that you should in mind for ALL your chords:

Take a look at these 2 pictures. One, you’ll see my fingers laying down on top of the strings. This will remove the necessary pressure to get the chords sounding good.  It will also mute a string or two… not what we want!

Get those fingers standing up straight. Allow all 3 fingers to fret properly and let the strings/notes ring out clearly like this:

This is a great rule for what you want to do with ALL your chords.

Here are the chord diagrams of all the chords I would suggest you get memorized:

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