Wow, so a lot of beginner guitarists are searching the internet for super easy electric guitar songs!


I have this very popular 18 min YouTube video with 1M views on the subject where I teach 10 very easy electric guitar songs with tabs (tablature).

Here’s my easy, 3 step method that’s been proven effective with thousands of students:

1) Start with bass lines and single note riffs

– these are easy and attainable. It gets the fingers moving, and gets you practicing reading tab. Here I’ve included some super easy songs that are perfect for beginners including note for note riffs from Rage Against The Machine songs which are definitely super easy electric guitar songs for beginners – but sound powerful and cool!

Here’s an example:

Single note, easy guitar riff

Single note, easy guitar riff

For my full list of super easy electric guitar songs for beginners and everything you need on the subject, check out this blog post <HERE>

(BTW – Before you even start playing, make sure you have a suitable and in-tune guitar and that you know how to read tab (the lines and numbers above) – I have another big, juicy blog post on how to play guitar for beginners step-by-step <HERE>)

Ok, step #2:

2) Move up to power chords –

These are 2 note chords that are some very important electric guitar techniques. Electric guitar songs like TNT, I love rock n roll, Iron man and more.

These are cool (but easy) electric guitar rock techniques that are simple for beginners but actual pro rockstars use them. These are the ‘real deal’! – (Check out all my info on powerchord songs on the guitar <HERE>)

And while we’re on the topic of powerchords and how perfect they are for a beginner guitarist learning step-by-step – it never hurts to understand some basic, must-know music theory. Here’s some really good scales which will help develop finger dexterity and will also get the wheels turning on how power chords work and how they’re associated with the major scales

Expanded single note riff into a power chord version

Expanded single note riff into a power chord version

3) Once the power chords and single note riffs are getting solid – AND ONLY THEN – You can move up to full chords

I have a bunch of videos on chords too like how to play chords for beginners, how to strum chords, how to switch chords while strumming, how to practice chords and all that good stuff.

My guitar chords module can be found in full <HERE>

G Major POV with chord chart

Then, you would move forward on soloing, bar chords and so on.

This has proven some pretty epic results like 8 year olds playing, singing and strumming barre chords on stage! This system definitely works!

Many guitarists try chords first – but please do both of us a favour and get your single note, bass-line style riffs down first, then get some powerchords sliding around on the fretboard and then – and only then – would you stand a good chance at getting chords.

Too many beginner guitar players go straight to chords, get frustrated and quit. This is because chords for a total beginner are often too difficult. If you just spend a few days or few weeks on riffs and powerchords, you’ll increase your chances of playing and strumming and switching every major and minor chord. This will (as you can imagine) unlock thousands of songs.

So check out my video for Super Easy Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners. For some reason, the YouTube guitar lesson seekers are going crazy about it! Lemme know in the comments below as to why you think this video is so popular!

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