Super Easy guitar lesson for beginners – single note riff version of I love rock n roll by Joan Jett. I also have the full version in another lesson <CLICK HERE>

Yours truly! Will Ripley (Campfire Guitar Star)

I Love Rock & Roll

Originally written and released as a B-side in 1975 by a band called “The Arrows”, “I Love Rock & Roll” didn’t reach its peak in popularity until it was covered by Joan Jett and her band “The Blackhearts” in 1982. It spent seven weeks at #1 on the US billboard, ranked #89 on Rolling Stones “100 Greatest Guitar Songs” and was inducted into the Grammy’s Hall of Fame in 2006. Not bad for a cover!

Getting ready –

  1. Look up “I love Rock & Roll” on the internet and have a listen.
  2. Get familiar with the riff so you can hum along in real time.

It’s just as simple as listening to the song, reading the tab and nailing it. However, you might notice that it sounds a bit different than the original recording. That’s because we’re playing it as a bassline/single-note riff. We’ll progress you to the next level very soon! Remember that for now, these riffs are essentially disguised because they’re really great finger exercises.

Introducing: A New Rhythmic Technique

We’re going to use a special technique that is used to emulate the sound of a snare drum.  Holding your pick in the correct position, curl the remaining fingers into a very loose fist.

Looking at the tab, you’ll see we’re starting with the low E string and playing it in the open position.  After playing the 2 open notes, swing that loose fist down onto the strings.  It will stop the note from ringing and give you a ‘clap’ sound. This is the strings clanging into the frets, giving us an essential rhythmic guitar technique that you’ll use for years to come.

Use the X’s on this tab to show you exactly where the snare hits lay throughout the course of the riff


*Always keep your pick above the string you’re going to play next – This will help you do the quick move to play the third fret with your first finger after the clap/snare hit.

* Sit up straight & remember proper left and right hand technique.

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