Here’s a super easy guitar riff for beginners – Come As You Are by Nirvana. This is chapter 7 from “5 Minute Guitar”

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Come As You Are

“Come As You Are” was Nirvana’s second single off their album Nevermind, released in 1991.  This was a notable time in music history when the Seattle grunge scene overthrew a pop dance style and “hair metal” that dominated the charts through the 80’s.  Kurt Cobain used an Electro Harmonix “Small Clone” guitar effects pedal on this riff which provides what is called a “chorus” effect. Also, Kurt’s guitar was tuned down 1 full step lower than standard tuning.  

Although “Come As You Are” didn’t get as much recognition as “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, it’s recognizable sound and simple fingering make it the perfect step up where I can introduce to you a good song with some new techniques.

Caption: To honour Cobain, his hometown in Washington put up a sign that says “Welcome to Aberdeen – Come As You Are”

Getting ready –

  1. Look up “Come as you are – Nirvana” on the internet and have a listen.
  2. Become familiar enough with the riff so you can hum along in real time.

Tips For This Riff & New Techniques:

To form a more complex tone, allow the notes to sound together.

  • Every time you play the second fret, keep your finger down so that note sustains
  • Every time you play an open string, let it ring/sustain

We’re also going to incorporate alternate picking to this same area.  

  • Every note you play on the E string is a downstroke
  • Every note you play on the A string is an up stroke.

And don’t forget – use your stability points so you can play more accurately, leaving the ringing notes untouched.

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