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For a beginner guitarist to achieve their dreams of rocking the house while playing their favourite songs for family and friends (or by themselves) there is a very specific order to the madness.

Single note guitar riffs, and power chords are where your guitar journey must begin. It doesn’t matter if you want to play blues, rock, or acoustic guitar. If you try to skip ahead to something like full chords, the guitar will frustrate you.

1:50 – Chicago 24 or 6 to 4
6:31 – Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones
10:49 – Guns N Roses – Paradise City
18:08 – Thin Lizzy – Jail Break
25:44 – Weezer – Beverly Hills
33:50 – Greenday – Brainstew
35:25 – How to download the tabs + get access to our free beginner guitar system

This beginner guitar lesson will not only get you playing guitar immediately, it will also get you on the right track to success. And in the meantime, you’ll be learning some killer classic rock riffs you’ve always dreamed of playing.

Guns n roses, Chicago, Greenday, Weezer, and Thin Lizzy. Let’s learn some guitar riffs from these legends.

Super Easy Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners!!!

Get the PDF here: