Blues music has a roll to it. There’s a pulse to the blues that pulls any listener in. Even if they claim to not like blues music! There’s just something about the rhythm that resonates deep within a human’s core. Blues music can sometimes feel like it’s rattling your soul!

The chords and scales that the blues utilizes also play a huge part in connecting with the audience. But in today’s lesson, I’m really diving deep into the world of rhythm.

Blues music has a rhythmic pulse to it that is called “Swing.” The biggest difference between the blues and rock and roll is swing rhythm. The Scales and Chords are pretty much the same, since rock n roll came from the blues.

Swing Rhythm is something that actually comes quite natural to a lot of people. Since blues music has been around for so long, us human beings can usually pick up swung rhythm without even realizing it. This is something I want to address in this lesson! If you’ve played a bit of blues music on the guitar before, you have probably played swung rhythm without even realizing it.

I find one of the problems with attempting to learn guitar from YouTube videos as opposed to a 1-on-1 instructor is that people just skim over the surface of a bunch of different topics. They never learn something to the fullest extent. They watch a lesson about a song they like and then just move onto the next lesson without really practicing or learning much. I want you to really understand what swing is, and why it’s so important when you’re playing the blues. So let us enter the realm of rhythm and learn everything there is to know about swing.

By the end of this lesson you’ll have a solid grasp of the rhythmic pulse that drives the blues forward and draws people in.

Super Easy Blues Guitar Lesson For Beginners | Learn Blues Guitar

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Super Easy Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson

1:40 Start
5:20 The difference between blues and rock n roll.
6:05 Triplets
9:00 Turning triplets into swing
13:07 Basic Blues Chords
15:50 Swung Rhythm with Basic Blues Chords
21:00 Muting From The Right Hand
25:50 How To Count Bars and Beats
28:39 12 Bar Blues in the key of A
34:40 Sweet Home Chicago in A

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