Spirit in the sky is a great example of what a fuzz pedal sounds like. There is a depth and warmth to his guitar’s distortion. In this lesson, we are going to learn both guitar solos in this song.

The first guitar solo is perfect for beginners. It all takes place on 1 string! The entire solo is on the G string, and just uses the first 2 fingers in your left hand. Solos like these are perfect if you are just getting into lead guitar! Learning how to solo can be challenging, mainly because most guitar solos are very difficult! So start with an easy one!

The second guitar solo has a few different elements and sections to it. The first section of the solo is a bend that repeats. It’s a great move to get down if you are a beginner/intermediate player. It contains what we call a unison bend. We are going to be playing 2 notes, and bending one note into the other. It sounds difficult. When you try it for yourself, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is!

The end of the solo is a bit more advanced. Norman Greenbaum jumps into some Clapton inspired blues lines. These licks are quite impressive, and I would recommend spending the time to get them down! Near the end of the video, I go over all the difficult licks individually a few times.

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Spirit In The Sky Solo – Classic 1960s Lead Guitar

7:32 Lesson Start
9:01 First Solo
19:42 Second Solo
31:27 The Clapton Licks Slowly

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