The Emi7, Cadd9, Gmaj, and Dsus/F# or the “Wonderwall” chords as I call them, will get you playing a ton of pop and rock songs from the last 50 years of music! Especially in the 90’s and 2000’s these simple guitar chords were in a lot of acoustic songs, but even The Beatles used these!

In this lesson I’ll show you 2 songs and 2 strum patterns. We’ll learn:

The Cranberries – Zombie
and MGMT – Kids

I show these to a lot of beginner acoustic guitar players because they are easy chords and maybe even the most simple guitar chords in terms of sounding pro on the guitar.
They use the EXACT same chords in the same order. The MGMT song uses a capo on the 2nd fret, but that’s about where the differences stop in terms of super simple, easy guitar chords!

It’s all about sounding good on the guitar. These simple guitar chords are so easy because you don’t lift your 3rd and 4th fingers – PLUS the strumming is very straight forward.

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