Here’s a my review on the Rockboard power supplies!

You’ll see they produce a few different pedal board power supplies on the Rockboard catalog.

Basically, they produce the:

1) “Power Block”

and the:

2) “Power LT XL”

(By the way, check out my “Power LT XL” review here: )

But the Power Blocks currently come in 3 different models:

1a) The Power Block
1b) The ISO Power Block V10
1c) ISO Power Block V16

So if you’re a player who plays at home mostly, I’d suggest the the basic Power Block. It will work great.

If you’re heading out to jams, gigs and studios regularly, you got to get one of the “ISO” Power Blocks. This is because the output transformers are “Isolated” and will provide more stable, solid power and reduce unwanted, extra noise. This is because the outputs are “highly filtered, isolated transformers” (according to Rockboard).

And then, you just have to decide how many pedals you’re trying to power. The V10 has 10 outputs, the V16 has 16 outputs.

These outputs have up to 400mA each which is extraordinary!!

The 9V DC outputs have 150mA each, and there are a couple of 18V DC outs too providing 400mA each.

They come with multi regional plus for use in EU, the US, The UK etc…

And they also come with voltage and current doubler cables.

They are SMALL and LIGHT too.

The size is about 5″ x 3″ x 1″ and weighing only 180G (less than half a pound!).

I’ve been using the ISO Power Block V10 on my board for nearly a year now with no issues at all. It’s providing quiet, stable power to all my pedals.

If you’re in the market for a power supply, definitely consider the Rockboard gear! I’m totally impressed with everything they make.

Check out their site:

I would really recommend to download their catalogue as I’ve found that’s the best way to check out their stuff. Here’s the link to that: