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Over the years I’ve been lucky as a guitar instructor to be featured on – probably the largest and longest running online guitar school on the planet.

During this whole self-isolation and quarantine thing with COVID-19, JamPlay reached out and asked if I would create an 8-week LIVE course for JamPlay and the Campfire Guitar Star community.

Introducing “Rock Guitar Solo of The Week”

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Here’s an overview and week-to-week plan:


Each week, Will Ripley (pro guitarist and popular JamPlay instructor) will have an electric Rock or Blues influenced solo ready for you. If you love lead guitar solos from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s then this weekly series is for you!

You’ll get a step-by-step lesson, the backing track and tabs for every lesson. The solo itself will be fun and attainable which you’ll tackle inside each lesson. Not only will you learn a new solo and have a fun jam track to play over, but you’ll also discover the “methods to the madness” behind great sounding Blues and Rock solos. You’ll quickly see how you can expand on the concepts, techniques and theory to truly integrate them into your mind, body and soul!

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Week 1: “Jimi’s Voodoo”

Breaking down a track in the style of “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix, you’ll soon be flying all over the fretboard using the E minor pentatonic scale and ripping some classic licks

Week 2: “Albert The King”

Albert King went on to influence players like SRV and Jimi Hendrix. He had a unique approach to playing amazing electric, blues guitar. You’ll discover a zone on the guitar that some people call the “B.B Box”. Will breaks down this zone on the guitar to get both B.B and Albert like sounds over a rockin’ blues type of track.

Week 3: “When Minor Pentatonic Fails, What Works?”

A big part of Blues and Rock guitar is Major pentatonic. In this lesson you’ll discover where to to turn when the minor pentatonic scale fails and how to use this alternative approach to lead guitar to create powerful, melodic solos

Week 4: “Rippin’ it on Slash”

Slash is one of the most impressive, living guitarists today. In this lesson, Will’s going to show you a Slash/GnR style solo and how to start “Thinking like Slash”.

Week 5: “Alt Rock Solos”

Alt Rock/Grunge/Hard Rock/90s…whatever you want to call it! The 90s featured a ton of impressive guitarists from bands like The Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Rage, Alice in Chains and a ton more. We’re going to rock hard in this lesson.

Week 6: Rock Guitar Prowess by “Mixing”

In a nutshell, mixing major and minor pentatonic is really what blues and rock guitar is all about. Will’s going to take you on a shortcut to the holy grail of guitar tones and sounds and how to rip it up by mixing scales on this 60s psychedelic rock track.

Week 7: Ripping it up on funk

In this lesson, looking at a James Brown or David bowie style track, Will’s going to show you the approach to a funk style track in an off beaten key.

Week 8: Blues Rock Phenom

Blues influenced Rock so much that Rock ‘n Roll songs were essentially just blues songs. We’ll look at a hard rock track that follows a 12 bar blues and how to solo over it

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I just added 3 killer live training bonuses when you sign up for JamPlay and the weekly Rock Guitar Solo. This is over 3 hours of bonus trainings which includes tabs:

Bonus #1:
Discover, Practice (and Master!) The “3 Essential Lead Guitar Techniques” For Rock & Blues Riffing and Soloing

Bonus #2:
5 Killer Riffs That Make For Awesome Practice

Bonus #3
Pentatonic Hot Zones: Discover Where The Hottest Licks & Riffs & Solos Are Played On The Guitar

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Set aside time in your calendar to catch the live lesson, or to catch the replay. You’ll find all the info inside of your JamPlay account and I’ll also email you the day that the lesson starts to remind you. NOTE: Only JamPlay members get the jam track and tabs!

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Just email us (will [at] ) and send me your JamPlay account username, or a screenshot of your receipt and I’ll send you the 3 bonus trainings.

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