Here’s my small pedalboard build with a mobile power supply. It’s powered by the Rockboard LT XL rechargeable pedalboard power supply. This little power supply has charged me (no pun intended) with a ton of excitement in my world of guitar gear.

I have a big, beautiful pedalboard all built out on the Rockboard Cinque 5.2 and I love it!


I’m not joking when I say that my pedalboard is too big to fit on some stages!

Yes. It’s happened.

So of course anyone can put together a small pedalboard build, but you still run into the same power supply issues – you’re either loading up your pedals with annoying (and environmentally unfriendly) 9V batteries, or searching for wall outlets and occasionally getting plagued with “60-cycle hum”.

The LT XL from Rockboard solves all those issues and provides over 50 hours of solid, clean, stable power.

I did a weekend long gig with my miniboard build and the rechargeable power supply where we played for about 3 hours each night, and I still had tons of juice to keep me going through into the week for my practice sessions.

You can make a miniboard that is compatible with the Mono M-80 guitar case “The Tick” case which means if you’re like me who has a M-80 DUAL, I can take:

2 Guitars
All my cables
Tools and extra accessories

I can bring this 1 case to any gig, jam session, audition or at home practice session and be fully loaded, ready to rock the house.

I’ve been using it for over 6 months and am so utterly pleased with it and this is definitely a message I’m happy to share with all y’all guitar lovers out there.

Check out for all their innovative pedalboard gear!