Here’s a super easy guitar riff for beginners and a great power chord rock song – Iron Man by Black Sabbath.

Yours truly! Will Ripley (Campfire Guitar Star)

Iron Man

“Iron Man” was released with little mainstream attention on Black Sabbath’s 2nd studio album “Paranoid” in 1970.  It had a cult following and grew in success over the years eventually earning a spot on Rolling Stone magazines “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” and even a Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” in 2000. The only thing this song has in common with the Iron Man movies and comics is its title.  The song tells the tale of a man who travels into the future and witnesses the apocalypse.  Upon his return to the present to warn humanity, he is turned to steel by a magnetic field and ends up becoming the cause of the destruction he had witnessed.

*This song will introduce power chords in a challenging yet straightforward way.  Make sure you’re in tune, you’re sitting straight are warmed up.

The power chord is always the same formula; take some breaks & stretch.  We’re taking our fingers to the gym!

You can keep your power chord shape pressed down and even slide between the power chords like this example.

  • Play your power chords with your first and third finger.
  • When you’re ready to take the next step, add the root note with your pinky finger for a fuller sounding power chord!
  • Plow through the two strings with your right hand and use the D string (that you don’t play) to stop the pick.
  • If you find the last section of the riff to be too challenging try using your first finger to go between the 10th and 9th fret. It’s a good way to start working on the fast change and to eventually play a full power chord!

*Don’t forget about the basic ground rules – listen to the song, get it in your head so you know what you’re trying to achieve.

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