Learning the Pentatonic Scale is like getting the keys to the guitar highway. On the guitar, the pentatonic scale is more than a scale. It’s a map. It’s a network of roads and passages that can take you across the neck in any direction you choose. But here’s the catch: there’s 5 shapes that each contain 12 things to memorize and master.

Seems a bit daunting, I know. As a guitar teacher that has witnessed countless people go through the process of learning all 5 positions, I understand it’s intimidating! Well here’s the good news about scale shapes and chord shapes on the guitar. When you first look at them, they’re just shapes. However, this changes in a big way when you actually start improvising and expressing yourself with scale and chord shapes. Once you’ve made music with shapes, you develop an emotional connection to them. At that point, memorization won’t be an issue for you. The scale will be part of your being!!

You can have all 5 positions of 1 key memorized in a week if you only push yourself moderately. 7 days in a week. 5 positions to the pentatonic scale.

MONDAY: spend 10 minutes memorizing and running position 1. Spend 5 minutes improvising with it to a backing track on youtube

TUESDAY: spend 10 minutes memorizing position 2. Spend 5 minutes reviewing and improvising box 1

WEDNESDAY: spend 10 minutes memorizing position 3. Spend 5 minutes reviewing and improvising box 1, and 2

THURSDAY: spend 10 minutes memorizing position 4. Spend 5 minutes reviewing and improvising box 1, 2, 3

FRIDAY: spend 10 minutes memorizing position 5. Spend 5 minutes reviewing positions and improvising 1, 2, 3, 4

SATURDAY: Spend as much time as you can reviewing, running, and improvising with all 5 positions (Minimum 15 minutes)

SUNDAY: (Same as Saturday)

15 minutes a day for 1 week and you’ll have a super solid handle on all 5 positions. Once you get to that point, you can start expanding to other keys. And here’s some more good news. The 5 positions are always exactly the same, and in the same order. No matter what key you are in. As you tackle more keys, the shapes become stronger and stronger. So every new key you learn gets faster and faster. Before you know it, you’ll have every key at your disposal!

Pentatonic Scale Guitar 5 Positions | How To Read Pentatonic Scale Guitar – Download the free lesson PDF – tabs/chords here:


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How To Read Pentatonic Scale Guitar

0:52 Start

1:58 Overview of the incoming lesson

3:10 How to read scale and chord charts

5:57 Test your tab skills!

8:19 How to read scale charts with specific fingerings

14:00 PART 2 Shapes and Hot-zones of each shape

14:23 4 Techniques for Lead Guitar

17:15 E minor pentatonic 1st position

23:00 Learning 2 Scales at the same time

24:28 Eminor Pentatonic Position 2/G major pentatonic position 1

27:38 E minor Pentatonic position 3/G major pentatonic position 2

30:41 E minor Pentatonic position 4/G major pentatonic position 3

32:45 E minor pentatonic position 5/G major pentatonic position 4

35:58 Get them down in the higher positions!

37:05 Recap

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