Here’s a Palm Muting Electric Guitar Technique Tutorial. Get that muffled, awesome rhythm guitar sound which is essential for any style of guitar playing – acoustic, electric, metal, rock and everything

Yours truly! Will Ripley (Campfire Guitar Star)

Palm Muting

Palm muting is an awesome technique that every guitarist should get dialed in. It’s that muffled, super rhythmic sound that creates some very iconic guitar sounds. Think about (or YouTube) the intro to “Barracuda” by Heart or the intro to “Welcome To The Jungle” by GnR. Yup, those guitarists are using palm muting in a big way to make those riffs sound amazing!

Muting the strings with your palm sounds straightforward, but there are some tricks you should know.  If you have been practicing the right hand technique from the beginning, you’ll already be in position.  It’s a very important guitar technique so here’s the steps. Your thumb pillow is about to expand across your wrist and other sections of your hand.

  1. With your right hand planted on the bridge, choose a power chord and strum down strokes.
  2. While strumming, slowly move the base of your palm up the strings towards the headstock and listen to how the sound changes.
  3. When the sound becomes too muffled and you think you’ve gone too far, back off a bit to find that sweet spot.
  • The area of your hand that you’ll use to mute the strings varies slightly with different players.  
  • Note that your palm muting technique changes when you use a guitar strap and stand up. When your guitar is lower on your body, you will use the right edge of your hand along side your pinky finger. Otherwise, the same rules apply – just find the sweet spot to mute the strings to get that cool muffled, rhythmic guitar sound!

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