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Blues music has a roll to it. There’s a pulse to the blues that pulls any listener in. Even if they claim to not like blues music! There’s just something about the rhythm that resonates deep within a human’s core. Blues music can sometimes feel like it’s rattling your soul!

The chords and scales that the blues utilizes also play a huge part in connecting with the audience. But in today’s lesson, I’m really diving deep into the world of rhythm. + Read More

Guitar tone. Guitar players throw that word around alot. But what exactly does it mean? This is what I’m going to cover in this lesson. Specifically, I’m going to be covering lead guitar tone in this guitar lesson.

Make sure you watch the whole thing and listen to these tips! If you’ve ever been unsure about what you do with the pick up selector and tone knob on your electric guitar, get ready to be educated. + Read More

Get pumped as we dive deep into the world of lead guitar in this lesson that was recorded live with campfire guitar star. In this lesson, I demonstrate a super easy guitar technique that makes solos and riffs sound massive.

We are going to be taking advantage of open strings to add a drone over our solos! By simply adding an open string, you turn every guitar lick into a chord. The best way to learn anything on the guitar is to start with songs. + Read More

What was the first thing you learned on guitar? Chances have it, you didn’t just jump right into Master Of Puppets or Classical Gas. You probably started with a super easy single note riff, or an easy chord. You should approach learning how to play lead guitar in the exact same fashion!

Learning how to play lead guitar is almost like learning how to play guitar again. The techniques are a lot different. The positioning is a lot different. You’re all of a sudden just using the small 3 strings and are near the 12th fret, where the frets are WAY smaller. + Read More

In this super easy electric guitar lesson, we learn one of the most epic guitar licks of all time. A guitar lick is a quick piece of musical expression. Bend the note, Release the note, pull-off the note. This is one of the most common guitar licks you will see!

In this lesson, we go over the lick in 3 different easy guitar songs. The First is “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz. The Next is “I want you (She’s So Heavy) by the Beatles. The final song is “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix. + Read More

I think we can all agree that bending strings is what makes an electric guitar sing. The ability to bend notes gives the guitar an expressive quality similar to a human voice. In other words, when string bending is done correctly it can really move someone emotionally.

But as a beginner guitarist, I’m sure you’ve noticed that string bending is pretty difficult due to the physically challenging nature of the guitar. It will take a bit of time before your fingers have the proper strength to bend strings with ease. So take a couple weeks and practice bending strings everyday for a few minutes. + Read More

In this super easy beginner guitar lesson, I break down all the basic techniques that you’re gonna need to play your favourite songs and styles on the electric guitar. With help from Black Sabbath, and The Scorpions, I’m gonna install proper guitar technique in your hands.

When it comes to technique on the guitar, it’s important to build a solid foundation of the basics. If you attempt something that is too difficult, it can actually cause long term guitar problems. You’ll have to spend time unlearning your bad habits. + Read More

Get your acoustic guitar ready, and let’s rock the house with some super easy chords! In this lesson, I run over 4 super easy songs that any beginner can play.

Here’s the great thing about the guitar: Once you learn just a few chords, you can play tons of your favourite, classic songs! Learning how to play D, Cadd9, and G will get any beginner guitar player playing thousands of songs! You’d be surprised just how many songs are built around those three chords. We are also going to go over a few common strum patterns. + Read More

Hello beginner guitarist! Get ready to finally start having fun on the guitar! Playing scales and boring exercises will improve your skills, but will cause you to burn out from lack of fun. Don’t get in a guitar rut!

As you know, it can be hard to find songs to play when you’re first getting started on the guitar. + Read More

Get ready to have fun on the guitar! Even if this is the very first time you are trying to play guitar, This video will get you PLAYING MUSIC NOW. In my many years of experience as a guitar instructor and musician, this is my list of the most simple songs to play on guitar. Electric or Acoustic. You do not need theory, technique, or years of experience to get these simple songs down. In this beginner guitar lesson, we are going to get down all the basics, while playing classic, easy, and well known guitar “riffs.” By learning these awesome songs you will grasp a solid understand of the following essential guitar techniques:

+ Read More

Here are my ‘top secret tricks’ for getting guitars safely on airplanes without having to pay for extra baggage fees – and how to get your precious cargo ON the plane, and not down under with the other luggage. + Read More

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12 Bar Blues Guitar Lesson Beginner lesson description: + Read More

Firstly, it stands for the “national association of music merchants”. Basically people who sell music gear setup shop at the Anaheim convention centre and exhibit to people in the music industry.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend a couple of times and if you’re wondering – how do I get a NAMM pass – well, I’ve always hit my music industry friends up and gotten it that way. + Read More