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As you can probably imagine, I have played a lot of music and a lot of shows in my day. When you play a lot of music with a lot of different people, you have to learn TONS of songs. One of the huge things I am going to cover in this lesson is the HOW. Professionals can learn songs super quickly because they have tons of practice doing it. There are a few tricks that we use to help speed up the process!

There are 4 ways in which a person learns.

Just like how you’re seeing me now, Video’s are a very powerful force for learning songs! Whether you’re watching a tutorial, or a video of the song you’re working on. Videos are a huge help. + Read More

Led Zeppelin III is a masterpiece. It’s full of brilliant acoustic, folk type songs. I am obviously a huge fan of loud Led Zeppelin, but I really enjoy how toned down this album is. Give it a listen to!

That’s the Way is in Open G tuning. Pretty much every song on this album is in a some kind of open tuning. Jimmy Page was a huge fan of alternate tunings. + Read More

Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce. The classic virtuoso trio that made up the epic late 1960’s psychedelic blues band “Cream.” Without Cream, who knows where music would be now. Without Eric Clapton, who knows where guitar would be!

Clapton was a big deal. He really did change the game. The world of guitar was a completely different place once he hit the scene! With his unbelievable blues chops, and his childlike sense of wonder exploring new tones on the electric guitar, he might just be the most influential guitarist of all time! + Read More

Spirit in the sky is a great example of what a fuzz pedal sounds like. There is a depth and warmth to his guitar’s distortion. In this lesson, we are going to learn both guitar solos in this song.

The first guitar solo is perfect for beginners. It all takes place on 1 string! The entire solo is on the G string, and just uses the first 2 fingers in your left hand. Solos like these are perfect if you are just getting into lead guitar! Learning how to solo can be challenging, mainly because most guitar solos are very difficult! So start with an easy one! + Read More

Welcome to the replay of Live Lesson Wednesday July 12th edition. In this lesson, we are going to explore the similarities between Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin.

There is a riff at the very beginner of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin that is also at the end of the riff of Jimi Hendrix’ version of Hey Joe. The exact same riff! As a guitar teacher, I love it when you see the exact same riff in 2 different songs by different artists. You only have to learn it once, and then you can play both riffs! The longer you play this guitar, the more you are going to see this. Even across different genres, riffs will be repeated. It’s not copying, it’s music! + Read More

Electric Mud was an album release by Muddy Waters in 1968. It was an attempt by producer Marshall Chess to expand Muddy Waters audience into the rock world. In 1968, pop and rock were in a very interesting place. Psychedelic culture and music were mainstream.

This album is a brilliant fusion of blues and psychedelic rock. Unfortunately, Blues purists can’t see the brilliance in this album. In my opinion though, if someone had the idea to fuse blues and modern day rock music, it wouldn’t work. But back in 1968, when rock was psychedelic and Jimi Hendrix was popular, fusing blues and rock worked amazingly! + Read More

Blackbird is one of the best songs you can play to really impress your friends and family. It’s easily recognizable, the chords are all very unique sounding (and looking) and of course because it’s finger style.

In this lesson, we not only learn Blackbird, but we dive deep into the world of finger picking. We are going to cover all the basics you’ll need to know to be a finger style guitarist! If you’ve never tried finger picking before, you’re in the right place. + Read More

Happy 4th of July from Canada my american brothers and sisters. I thought it was only appropriate since this year “Live Lesson Wednesday” fell on the 4th of July, we should learn the Star Spangled Banner. It’s actually a super easy melody to play in the key of G!

A melody is what the singer is singing. It’s what sits on top of the chords to a song. When you hum to yourself, that’s a melody. When you whistle, that’s a melody. A melody is the part of a song that gets stuck in your head. + Read More

Steppin’ Out – 1960’s Guitar Lesson – Eric Clapton Blues Guitar Lesson

Back in the 1960’s there were a few songs that you had to learn to be taken seriously as a guitarist. These songs were often considered to be a “right of passage” for guitarists. Killing Floor by Howlin’ Wolf was one of these songs. At the time, Killing Floor was one of the more technically challenging songs (Especially at the speed people like Hendrix started playing it at) Steppin’ Out was also one of those technically challenging, impressive songs.

Since the 1960’s, the guitar has obviously evolved and gotten much more technical. Those songs that were technically challenging at that time, have now become the foundation and back-bone of modern guitar. So if you want to improve your guitar skills, and become a well-rounded guitarist, you have to go back and learn what the guitar was. + Read More

3 Keys To Unlocking The Blues:

1st Key: Rhythm
Rhythm is a huge part of music. Without rhythm, harmony and Melody are lost in a sea of confusion. With no timing to control them, Harmony and Melody will clash and never blend. When it comes to the blues, rhythm is also super important. Rhythm is the driving force that connects the audience to the blues. While the lyrics of the blues speak to your mind, the rhythm of the blues speaks to your soul.

2nd Key: Fret board road map.
To express your blues, you have to have a decent understand of a few scale shapes. I know what you’re thinking. The blues is MORE than scales. And I agree. But without the right notes, you won’t be playing the blues. + Read More

Learning the Pentatonic Scale is like getting the keys to the guitar highway. On the guitar, the pentatonic scale is more than a scale. It’s a map. It’s a network of roads and passages that can take you across the neck in any direction you choose. But here’s the catch: there’s 5 shapes that each contain 12 things to memorize and master.

Seems a bit daunting, I know. As a guitar teacher that has witnessed countless people go through the process of learning all 5 positions, I understand it’s intimidating! Well here’s the good news about scale shapes and chord shapes on the guitar. When you first look at them, they’re just shapes. + Read More

The Blues is one of the most important genres to learn on the guitar. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you want to play, every genre benefits from having a little blues and souls pushed into it.

The problem with Blues guitar is that it’s a hard genre to play! Besides the basic blues open chord riffs most of us got down while we were first learning how to play the guitar. Soloing being the hardest part of the blues.

As a guitar teacher, I know first hand that there are a ton of people out there that want to learn how to play the blues on the guitar. Learning a blues solo note for note is essential to learning some “Blues Vocabulary” on the guitar. The problem being: Most blues solos are way out of reach for a beginner! + Read More

Everybody has an inner-bluesman/woman inside them somewhere. Believe me as a guitar teacher. Tons of people come to me for one-on-one lessons to improve their blues playing. There’s another group of students that don’t even realize they like the blues. But I’ll show them a quick blues riff, and their face will light up. Everybody’s got the blues. So learn a couple easy blues riffs so that you too can play your blues away.

In this beginner blues guitar lesson, I go over 2 songs by the legendary blues artist known as Muddy Waters. Muddy was a true original of the blues that really changed what the blues could be. He’s contributed countless amounts of amazing songs that were copied again, and again, and again to this day. + Read More