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This is a guitar lesson that is tailored to beginners, but no matter what you’re level, this is important stuff. In this guitar lesson, I’m going to show you something very important. What to practice.

As a guitar teacher, I have noticed a recurring theme amongst my students. The vast majority of hobby guitar players have no idea how to practice guitar.

YouTube can be a great resource for knowledge, no matter what you are attempting to learn. Here’s the problem I’ve noticed with guitar and YouTube. People think that practicing guitar is “surfing YouTube” for songs they like. They’ll learn a section of a song, then move onto the next video. They don’t actually learn full songs or even make music on the guitar. They never practice a technique long enough to actually be able to do it properly. + Read More

There is one simple rule to improving guitar. (And other skills) You simply have to practice. It’s actually really easy. There is no secret formula, potion, or piece of advice that can change your guitar playing. All there is to improvement is practice and time.

Well that’s all fine and dandy. But as a beginner you might be thinking, “well what do I practice?” This is one of the many reasons I would recommend hooking up with our lead instructor Mike B for a 1-on-1 lesson. He’ll design a perfect practice routine for you and your life. + Read More

Guitar teaching is my main gig. I love it. I have been teaching steadily since 2012, but this year especially I’ve really been focusing on teaching. Haven’t been playing any live shows.

My students break into two age ranges. Kids, or 40+ adults. A few people in between, but that’s the main demographic. Kids can usually pick up rhythm fairly easy. Adults are a different story.

Let’s face the harsh reality. Most people above the age of 40 don’t have much time to practice. They have families, and careers. Both of these things take up a lot of time. Sometimes, you just aren’t going to have time to practice your guitar. But practicing everyday is super important! + Read More

Rhythm is the driving force behind music. You don’t need to know a million chords and scales if you have a solid rhythmic foundation. Having good rhythm and timing makes everything you play sound like music – even if it’s just a 2 chord song!

I teach a lot of guitar. I have online students all over the world, and I take teaching very seriously. I think about it a lot. I try to figure out different ways to make people improve. In this lesson, we are going to go over a technique I like to show my students.

Learning something to the point of being able to play it to the track is super important. You don’t truly know a song until you can play it a long to the original recording! The problem is that songs often have tons of different parts, and they can take a while to learn. I have selected 4 “riff songs” to run. I call them riff songs because almost the entire song is just one riff. + Read More

In our course Acoustic Guitar Star, you’ll be taken from novice all the way to advanced. This course has everything. If you are serious about improving your acoustic guitar playing, look no further. You’ve found a great resource that WILL turn you into the guitarist you’ve always dreamed of.

Acoustic guitar mastery is broken down into a few different areas.

Firstly, you have strumming. Strumming and Rhythm are the driving force behind music. Rhythm in the guitar comes from the right hand. It’s easy, and fun too! As long as someone teaches you how to do it properly!

Second comes Chords and Barre Chords. Harmony and chords are the emotion and mood of music. Chording on the guitar is all muscle memory. Just a matter of memorizing some shapes, and committing them to muscle memory! + Read More

Neil Young is one of the best guitarists, and song writers of all time. Neil is a master of taste. He always plays the perfect guitar part. Whether that’s some smooth acoustic half strumming, half arpeggiating, or a wild lead guitar solo. Neil will consistently nail the tone, and feel.

His work as a collaborating musician is quite impressive too. Neil’s work in Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young is some serious stuff. I think a lot of us can agree, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young wrote some amazing music.

In this lesson, we are going to check out Heart Of Gold, and Keep On Rocking In The Free World. Both songs contain pretty much the same chords. If you’ve never played any Neil before, this is the perfect place to start. Some of the techniques in his other songs can be surprisingly difficult, especially considering how smooth it sounds. + Read More

The classic “Bo Diddley Beat” is a must know guitar technique. It’s a brilliant combination of strumming chords, and muting strings. It’s fairly complicated, so I would highly recommend checking out the song.

Bo Diddley is widely considered to be one of the creators of rock n roll. Without Bo, who knows what music would be like today.

Here’s one of the best things about guitar. By learning one strum pattern and a few chords, you learn tons of new songs. In this lesson we are going to be nailing down Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love,” U2’s “Desire” and George Michaels “Faith”. Bo Diddley is obviously the creator of this technique, and Faith aas well as Desire are both great examples of what people have done with the “Bo Diddley Beat!” + Read More

Welcome to Live Lesson Wednesday! Where Campfire Guitar Star goes live every week at 8pm for a lesson/questionnaire. If you are catching the replay, make sure you join us next Wednesday for the live show! Bring any guitar related questions. Myself and Mike B are here to help you guys! Live Lesson Wednesday is the perfect time to get answers.

Today’s lesson topic is strumming. We are going to be covering a number of different techniques and styles. After you watch and practice all the content in this lesson, it is my guarantee that you will have a way better understanding of strumming. + Read More

Allman Brothers and George Harrison – Open Barre Chord Guitar Lesson

George Harrison and the Allman Brothers. 2 amazing artists with a brilliant catalogue of songs.

In or out of the Beatles, George has a seemingly endless amount of guitar chords at his disposal. His ability to make a solo sing like a melody is unmatched.

The Allman Brother’s Band has always been one of the tightest, most soulful bands out there. Dwayne Allman is another guitarist that has mastered the ability of making a solo sing like a melody. + Read More

LIVE LESSON: Discover These Awesome Chords To Jack & Dianne

Jack and Diane. A truly classic number that you should definitely learn. Let’s forget about all the amazing chord lessons you are going to learn in Jack and Diane for a second. We’ll talk about them later. Just learning the song is a very rewarding experience. It’s such a well known classic, you can get all your friends and family playing along.

Now let’s talk about the amazing lessons inside of Jack and Diane. There are some chords that first starting hitting the scene around the 1970’s. They come from a D chord originally. You re finger a D chord and add an extra note. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin rocked this version of the D chord all the time! The hook of Jack and Diane is based around that chord. + Read More

Nirvana: One of the most iconic bands of all time.
Nirvana’s unplugged MTV set: One of the most iconic concerts of all time.

In this beginner/intermediate acoustic guitar lesson, we are going to be checking out a classic acoustic number called “Lake of Fire.” Lake of fire is very much a barre chord song. So if you’re looking for songs to practice barre chords with, look no further! Lake of Fire has 3 out of the 4 barre chord shapes.

Lake of Fire is a great song to learn because of the easy right hand. The strum pattern is very basic (So you can focus all your attention on nailing the barre chords!) + Read More

Alice in Chains. Without a doubt, one of the best bands from the 90’s. Actually, scratch that. One of the best bands of all time! This is an acoustic guitar lesson, so if you really want to do your homework, go listen to Alice in Chains acoustic MTV concert!

In this beginner/intermediate acoustic guitar lesson, we are going to be exploring two classic Alice in Chains songs. Rooster, and No Excuses.

BARRE CHORDS, GET YOUR BARRE CHORDS HERE! These two songs are the perfect two songs to finally nail barre chords. Nailing barre chords has a couple challenges involved. The first challenge is building the strength to get a proper barre. The second challenge is getting the muscle memory of the shape. + Read More

Here is one of my favourite things about learning the guitar. When you first learn a chord or 2, you start to panic. You think that learning guitar is going to be a really difficult uphill battle. Learning those first chords can be tough! But here’s the good news. Once you learn one chord, you will see it again. Many, many times. There are a very limited amount of open chords on the guitar. (Open chords are chords within the first 4 frets of the guitar) You only have to learn a chord once!

In this lesson, we are going to learn E, A, and D. Those 3 chords are essential to the guitar! With just those 3 chords, you can play literally hundreds of classic songs. We are going to check out 4 awesome songs: Wild thing by the Troggs, Doesn’t Remind Me by Audioslave, Gloria by Them, and I don’t know by the Sheepdogs. And they all just have E, A, and D! + Read More