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Here’s one of the greatest things about the nature of the guitar. You don’t need to learn anything about theory or scales to just start playing. Theory and scales are obviously still important to check out at some point, but the guitar is fun because you can immediately start making beautiful music with little knowledge or experience on the instrument.

In this lesson we are going to be checking out You and Me by Lifehouse.

This is an ideal song for a beginner to learn. you simply plant your third and fourth finger on the top two strings, and you first finger does all the work. Stuff like this is perfect for beginners. There aren’t any crazy difficult transitions in this tune!

This song is going to get you strumming chords, and feeling good about making beautiful music. So, spend a few minutes getting it down and you’ll have infinite amounts of fun! + Read More

One of the most iconic power chord riffs of all time has got to be smells like teen spirit. When you here those clean toned power chords plucking, you can’t help but nod your head.

In this lesson, we are going to get pretty deep into power chords. Near the end of the lesson, I get into a few of the different types. In this lesson, we are doing note for note what Kurt does.

If you are looking for how to play the guitar solo, I cover it in another lesson. Here is a link to that lesson: + Read More

Undoubtably, one of the most iconic guitar tones of all time has got to be fuzz. Very similar to overdrive or distortion, fuzz has influenced music history.

There’s a funny thing with effects. Sometimes, the artist hears an effect and it inspires them to write something that fits that effect. That’s what happened with the 2 songs that we are going to check out today.

If you play Satisfaction by the rolling stones without a fuzz or overdrive effect, it sounds completely different. The same thing goes with Spirit In The Sky. Without fuzz, it almost sounds like La Grange by ZZ top.

Jimi Hendrix obviously influenced the guitar world in a ton of ways, and one of the biggest things he taught the guitar world was the fuzz! + Read More

We shot this video as we walked out of the largest music show in the world “NAMM”. After this 4 day event, we wanted to share with you what we saw, what we learned, and who we met. Also, it’s not often that Mike B and myself get to hang out in person!

The Namm festival is a must attend event for anybody working in the music industry! If you aren’t currently working in the industry, I would highly recommend finding employment in the music industry just so you can attend this event. If you like music, gear, and seeing all the best players in one place, you need to attend the Namm festival!

In the video you can see how pumped up we both are! Namm is one of those things you really need to see with your own eyes. Amazing event! + Read More

Lead Guitar and Beginner Guitar don’t always land in the same sentence. In fact, it’s pretty tricky to actually find lead guitar parts that beginner’s can play! As a guitar teacher, I have hand selected a few of my favourite solos to teach to beginners.

This lesson is an excellent prep-course on lead guitar. If you’ve never tackled a solo, or if you’ve been too scared to get into the world of lead guitar, look no further!

These solos are easy in the grand scheme of guitar soloing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are super easy to play! They will still take a considerable amount of practice. But keep this in mind: even if you don’t nail the solo at full speed, getting it down at a slow even speed is just as useful! + Read More

Let’s face it. Lead guitar is awesome. There’s an amazing feeling when you’re playing a solo on stage and the whole room is diggin’ it. The limelight is on you, and you’re killing it.

But let’s face the other harsh reality of lead guitar. It’s really hard. In fact, there are a ton of people out there that would love to have that lead guitarist on stage feeling. But unfortunately, are just too intimidated by how much work it takes to get there!

That’s where I come in. As a guitar teacher, I have seen countless students come in wanting to learn how to solo, but just have no idea where to begin. That’s what inspired this lesson. I know a ton of guitar solos. And I know which ones are going to be way to hard for you, and which ones are going to be achievable! + Read More

“Work on your time, all the time.”
-Tommy Emmanuel

As a guitar teacher, I see a lot of people that have timing issues. Most of the time, their problem isn’t that they have bad rhythm from birth. Their problem is that they just don’t know how to use a metronome! Once you’re familiar with a metronome and a few exercises, it’s actually fun! You’ll also be blow away by how fast you can learn things.

In this lesson, I really wanted to show you guys a few different metronome techniques. There’s a whole bunch of different approaches to improving your timing with a metronome, and I thought I’d break a few approaches down! + Read More

To practice and learn scales, I get my students to follow a 4 stage system.

4 stage system:
-Memorize the scale
-Metronome the scale
-Learn where the roots are
-Improvise with the scale

-No right or wrong way. Everybody has a unique approach to getting a scale memorized. Unfortunately, there is no easy way, or single correct way to memorize a scale. Some people like to run it up and down repeatedly to get muscle memory. Some people like to divide their strings up between high and low. No one way! Before moving on from this stage, you want to be playing the scale up and down without looking at the scale chart or tabs. + Read More

In these videos I’ll show you how to make a pro pedalboard. Whether that’s from scratch, or using a pro setup like the new RockBoard series from Warwick. In fact, I dig this system so much that I’m giving away a “Tres 3.1” RockBoard system. Enter to win that here: . Click “read more” to watch the videos and to read my review!

+ Read More

Prioritizing Guitar

How good do you want to get on the guitar, and how do you plan on getting there?

This is the kind of question you need to ask yourself before you start playing guitar. If you don’t ask yourself this question, you’ll be like a sail boat lost in the stormy seas of YouTube with a broken sail. You’ll be tossed around in this and that direction, not getting where you want.

Here’s the big thing. If you just “cruise YouTube” learning bits and pieces of songs, that’s all you’ll be able to do. You won’t ever be able to play full songs with your friends and family. You won’t be able to jam with anyone else. You’ll really just be playing little sections of songs by yourself.

If that is all you want to do with guitar, and you’ll be satisfied with never mastering techniques or knowing songs, then YouTube can be a great resource. + Read More

24 Tips: Create More Time For The Things You Love (Like Guitar & Music)

24 Tips on getting more time. Let’s be honest, guitar really is a hobby. It’s definitely a life enriching hobby that can add a ton of happiness to your life, but never the less, it’s still a hobby. We don’t need guitar like air or food. Unfortunately, this usually means that guitar is going to fall down your priority list until it’s not even there anymore.

The title is pretty self explanatory for this video. Will and Mike go through 24 different tips on how to find more time to practice. All you really need to do to keep guitar in your life is find those 5 minute pockets throughout your day that you can dedicate to guitar!

Whether it’s waking up early to practice guitar, finding a 1-on-1 teacher, or cutting down on excessive socializing, I hope one of these tips speaks to you! + Read More

The first time I teach a student 1-on-1, I use a fast 3 step system. This 3 step system will quickly reveal to me exactly what your guitar goals, and playing level are. This way we can accelerate your guitar progress with the creation of your custom guitar plan.

The most powerful step in my 3 step system is the creation of your “10 Song dream list”

On the first guitar lesson, or even before your first guitar lesson, we ask that you compile a list of 10 songs you’d love to one day play on the guitar.

Now I want these 10 to be the songs, riffs, and solos that just FIRE YOU UP. The songs that inspired you to pick up the guitar in the first place. + Read More

Can You Learn Guitar At Home?


We recently surveyed some of our 1-on-1 students and website members at campfire guitar star why they would, or would not try online guitar lessons. The responses were super interesting, and they inspired the creation of this video!

One of the biggest responses that we received was that people were into the concept, but didn’t think they had the technology required to try. This video will show to you that you really don’t need much. If you have a tablet, laptop, or a desktop computer and webcam, you’ve got the tools required!

Another large chunk of this video is a demonstration of what google hangouts (our video call system) is like. Hangouts works great, and really makes it feel like we are in the same room. We also use Google Docs for the written content. This document will be on your screen, as well as mine. + Read More