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Restringing an electric guitar AND restringing an acoustic guitar – Kind of important? YES! Fresh strings are the greatest thing on a guitar and a sure way to improve your existing gear. + Read More

Vancouver Guitar Show

So! The annual Vancouver Guitar Show is usually around November 25th and on a Sunday. It’s been happening at The Croatian Cultural Center, right on the corner of Commercial Drive and 16th ave for the last few years.

Check out their official website @ + Read More

Just like many things in life, we need to work at a task in order to get good at it. What a drag, hey? Maybe one day there will be a ‘guitar pill’ and they will have the Slash pill the Kirk Hammet pill and more…

Ok, so until then we gotta spend time on the guitar between lessons. Or maybe you’re going the youtube route and learning on your own + Read More

Ah ye’ ol’ guitar strumming… So hopefully at this point you’ve got some chords down, and you’re switching to chords with finesse and ease, and you just need to spice up the rhythm a bit and inject some different groove into your playing? + Read More

Alright, let’s split these words up

STANDARD– so a Music conference got together in 1939 and these music ‘peeps’ decided that concert pitch was going to dial in their “A” note into 440hz.

Ok so what’s the big “D”? Well there are these things called tuners and an old school way (but still very current because of it’s accuracy) was to use these things called “strobe tuners”. Check out the company Peterson to buy one of theirs!

Anyways. + Read More

Here’s a Guitar lesson featuring the most simple guitar song and the easiest song to play on guitar for beginners.
In this guitar lesson I’ll start out with a very easy Metallica song but I’ll also show you several easy but cool guitar riffs that are surprisingly easy to play on the guitar.

+ Read More

The Emi7, Cadd9, Gmaj, and Dsus/F# or the “Wonderwall” chords as I call them, will get you playing a ton of pop and rock songs from the last 50 years of music! Especially in the 90’s and 2000’s these simple guitar chords were in a lot of acoustic songs, but even The Beatles used these!

In this lesson I’ll show you 2 songs and 2 strum patterns. We’ll learn + Read More

Wow, so a lot of beginner guitarists are searching the internet for super easy electric guitar songs!

I have this very popular 18 min YouTube video with 1M views on the subject where I teach 10 very easy electric guitar songs with tabs (tablature).

Here’s my easy, 3 step method that’s been proven effective with thousands of students:
1) Start with + Read More

In this lesson, I’ll be showing you electric guitar songs for beginners that I give to my own personal students.

These songs are hand selected and proven to work with beginner electric guitar players. Most importantly, + Read More

Getting chords is relatively easy on the guitar. The thing most people have problems with is switching in between chords and making their guitar playing sound rhythmic and musical.

Without seamless chord changes, your guitar playing on won’t be very easy on the ears of your listeners. + Read More

In this video I’ll be showing you songs for the electric guitar player.
In this video we’ll cover classic rock songs by Joan Jett, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath, where we utilize one of the most important and powerful sounding guitar techniques in rock called power chords.

These easy songs will make your rock guitar playing on the electric sound + Read More

I break down every lead guitar technique here in this video. Sometimes the first steps to becoming a lead guitar player is just knowing the soloing techniques and methods.
This loaded lesson covers everything from wide vibrato to tremolo picking.

In this lesson I cover the following:

How to + Read More

This lesson is perfect for a electric guitar player who is a beginner and wants to play fun, cool songs.
We will cover a bunch of cool songs utilizing single notes/bass line style riffs.

Next probably the most important electric guitar chord called a + Read More