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Part 1 of 2 – Left and right hand synchronization on the guitar. Proper hand placement for 100% correct guitar technique. Part II: Click Here

Yours truly! Will Ripley (Campfire Guitar Star)

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Here’s a guitar lesson on Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes with a guitar tab (guitar tablature).

Yours truly! Will Ripley (Campfire Guitar Star)

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If only every beginner guitar player watched this video FIRST….

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Today, my video for you is how to hold the guitar pick. This is one of these details that is so important!

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So, what I wanna talk to you about today, is the buzz, and that rattle, and that nasty sound we get on the guitar. You know that sound!! Nasty stuff!
First, I just wanna bring to your attention to the parts on the guitar…
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This is the kind of stuff that pro guitar players do naturally…but no one that I’ve seen will break it down and explain it like I do in this video lesson.

How to stabilize your hand to avoid hitting wrong strings & How to play fast and smooth…

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Guitar Buying Guide: Acoustic vs Electric Guitar

Ah, the age old question. “I’m a beginner and I don’t know which Guitar to get – acoustic or electric? + Read More

So this is always an interesting topic and question that I get asked a lot being a guitar teacher. The question is: “My kid’s ____ years old. Is that too young?” + Read More

So! It’s time to get into guitar playing. First off, Congrats for making the first steps to one of the most enjoyable things on the planet!

In this article I hope to provide you with some tips on buying a guitar for a beginner.

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Ok, so I love guitar tab but it’s kinda like sheet music for dummies. Or maybe we should call is sheet music for guitar players! haha, I guess I’m making fun of myself here!

Tab or ‘tablature’ as it’s derived from, + Read More

Restringing an electric guitar AND restringing an acoustic guitar – Kind of important? YES! Fresh strings are the greatest thing on a guitar and a sure way to improve your existing gear. + Read More

Vancouver Guitar Show

So! The annual Vancouver Guitar Show is usually around November 25th and on a Sunday. It’s been happening at The Croatian Cultural Center, right on the corner of Commercial Drive and 16th ave for the last few years.

Check out their official website @ + Read More

Just like many things in life, we need to work at a task in order to get good at it. What a drag, hey? Maybe one day there will be a ‘guitar pill’ and they will have the Slash pill the Kirk Hammet pill and more…

Ok, so until then we gotta spend time on the guitar between lessons. Or maybe you’re going the youtube route and learning on your own + Read More