I wanted to share with you some guitar gear that has really, honestly, benefited my life!
I think these tools can do the same for you too.
I’m publishing these guitar gear vids on the “Will Ripley Guitar” YouTube channel for all my videos that aren’t guitar lessons.
I just released 2 new videos on that channel just this weekend:
>> Watch the FX Pedal Power Supply Vid [Click Here]

power supplies
And the other one I released this weekend was:
How The Rockboard “MOD 1” Revolutionized
My Guitar Rig
>> Watch The Pedalboard “Patchbay” Vid [Click Here]
But I’ve also been releasing more videos on this channel with some cool guitars and other pedalboard gear:
Check out this one:
Is This THE Most Comfortable + Versatile Guitar? (Framus Idolmaker Review) [Watch Now]
This guitar has helped me practice more because it’s so comfortable to play.
It’s also helped me write new songs and solos (like the ones I play on the intro).
>> Check out this super cool electric guitar: The “Idolmaker” by Framus [Click Here]
electric guitar
These next 2 videos have also been game changers for my electric guitar setup which I am so grateful for.
This “MOD 5” By Rockboard has been an awesome tool for me to:
1) Do my live guitar lessons
2) Record songs
3) Practice silently with the built in headphone amp
…All with a PRO SOUND!
You can also use it for live shows and rehearsals because you can go right into the P.A system with this small little box!
It’s such a killer piece of gear and it’s surprisingly cheap for everything that it does! (It’s about $175 USD).
The MOD 5 from Rockboard truly “Does it all”
>> Check out the video [Click Here]
headphone amp
Out of all my distortion pedals with the MOD 5, I find this Vertex Dynamic Distortion sounds the most authentic.
Vertex FX
Next up for my fav gear of 2020…
This rechargeable pedalboard power supply has been equally as useful and has made my life as a guitarist better…
It’s called the Rockboard Power LT XL.
I’ve been able to create a small pedalboard with the essentials and bring out a very powerful rig to jams and rehearsals.
It’ll provide you with 50 hours of pedal power and you don’t need to search for wall outlets and have extra cables!
It’s absolutely killer and has helped me so much…maybe you’ll see it helping you too?
>> Check out the video of the Power LT XL [Click Here]
rechargeable power
Alright that’s it for now, stay tuned and keep on ripping it up!
Will Ripley
Campfire Guitar Star (founder)