Here’s a Guitar lesson featuring the most simple guitar song and the easiest song to play on guitar for beginners.

In this guitar lesson I’ll start out with a very easy Metallica song but I’ll also show you several easy but cool guitar riffs that are surprisingly easy to play on the guitar.

In this for guitar lesson I’ll teach you several guitar songs that a beginner can easily play on the guitar by artists such as Queen, Deep purple, The White Stripes, and more.

I’ve been asked to make a video and get asked this question a lot:

“What’s the most simple guitar song to play for a beginner on the acoustic guitar?”

Well! There are a lot, but we’ll cover some classic guitar jams that are TOTALLY attainable for you as a beginner learning guitar online.

So I’ve chosen these songs as the easiest, most simple guitar songs:

1) Metallica

2) Queen’s another one bites the dust

3) Queen’s Under Pressure (You might know it as Vanilla Ice “ice ice baby”)

The Metallica song is so easy that it doesn’t even require your left hand to play it! The other 2 songs are only on 1 string, so they are pretty easy songs to play on the guitar for a beginner as well.

I’ve chosen these as the most simple guitar songs and when a new guitar student comes in my doors, or for a lesson on google helpouts, then I start them off on some easy guitar songs like this!

This lesson is designed for the total beginner and will guide you step-by-step the playing easy, fun and cool guitar songs on the guitar whether you’re playing the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar, this guitar lesson is simple, easy to follow and we’ll get you playing the guitar and guitar songs quickly.

The best way to start playing guitar is to start with the single note, bass-line style guitar riffs. This means that you only use one finger at a time. Many guitarists trying to play guitar start by playing chords.

Although chords are very important to playing songs on the guitar and will help you play your favourite songs and styles of music, often times the best place for a beginner guitarist to start on the guitar is to use more simple guitar songs that use short, repeatable phrases that are often referred to as “guitar riffs”.

Using simple, repeatable, short guitar riffs, a guitarists fingers will get trained in a similar way to playing guitar scales. You can get great guitar practice by playing these simple guitar riffs.

Many beginner guitar players don’t realize that many famous guitar songs actually use this simple, easy guitar technique which I’m referring to in this article as single note, bass-line style guitar riffs.

After getting solid practice which will increase finger dexterity, finger calluses, and general comfort on the guitar, what a great next step is for a rookie guitar player to learn power chords.

I’ve had a lot of success as a guitar teacher showing students simple, easy guitar songs that utilize the guitar riff method and power chord techniques.

After a beginner guitar player is comfortable using these simple guitar techniques, then more complex chords such as open chords and bar (barre) chords become so much easier because of the foundational guitar techniques that are in place.

I hope you enjoy this lesson on the most simple guitar song and what I considered to be the easiest songs to play on the guitar for beginners on acoustic or electric guitar.

One on one lessons, are full beginner guitar course, our book and another guitar and learning Systems would be something that I would highly recommend for you as a beginner guitar player that starting out that you can access more simple guitar songs and discover other recognizable, cool tunes to play on the guitar.

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