Led Zeppelin III is a masterpiece. It’s full of brilliant acoustic, folk type songs. I am obviously a huge fan of loud Led Zeppelin, but I really enjoy how toned down this album is. Give it a listen to!

That’s the Way is in Open G tuning. Pretty much every song on this album is in a some kind of open tuning. Jimmy Page was a huge fan of alternate tunings.

If you want to play That’s the Way along with the recording, you are actually going to have to tune your guitar down one more half step. For this lesson, I have kept my guitar in regular Open G. Open G is actually a very common tuning. Probably the most common open tuning, which is why I left my guitar in Open G.

From low to high:

Open G = D G D G B D
Open G half step down = Db Gb Db Gb Bb Db

The nice thing about this song, is that the left hand really isn’t that complicated! A few shapes that are quite simple will get you shredding this song. The right hand in this song will really improve your strumming ability.

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Led Zeppelin Guitar Lesson – That’s the Way – Open G Tuning

1:04 Open G tuning
3:22 Lesson Start
4:11 Verse
10:43 Chorus
15:12 Final words/recap

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