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I was invited to JamPlay because of my success at Campfire Guitar Star and one of the guys from JamPlay knew who I was and had seen my guitar lessons online before.

Recording this series was kind of a “trial run”. I didn’t know if they’d have me back for more.

Fast forward…

I’ve recorded 6 guitar lesson courses at JamPlay!

This one, “Rock Guitar For Beginners” started it all. It’s my ground-up approach that I’ve been delivering since 2006 with awesome results. It’s the exact process that I would take a beginner guitar student on when someone hires me for private lessons.

I’ve taken that form and process and recorded it at the JamPlay studios and it’s become their most popular beginner guitar lesson series that they offer. It’s been overwhelming hearing from students all over the world who have enjoyed my guitar lessons over at JamPlay!

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I’m glad to offer Rock Guitar For Beginners to my Campfire Guitar Star community because it’s a course that I really believe in, and the good people at JamPlay have offered you a 7-day FREE trial to their entire platform.

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