Here’s my review on the Framus Idolmaker. This is one of the “Teambuilt” ones made in Germany.

There are 2 things that I want to mention right off the hop… This guitar is the most comfortable electric guitar I have every played (and I own a Stratocaster, Mustang, Les Paul, SG, 2 Acoustics, And a Flying V).

When I have a comfortable guitar, it helps me practice more. I’m able to relax and focus on what matters – my finger and wrist technique, rather than tensing up unnecessary muscles. This by the way is what a lot of shred guitarists talk about – staying relaxed! The Framus Idolmaker helps me do just that.

Additionally, I run an online guitar school and the Framus Idolmaker has become my “go-to” guitar teaching weapon because when I’m logging in lots of hours in front of the video camera, or on Zoom guitar lessons, I’m just more comfortable doing it.

Ok, the next big thing is the versatility.

It comes stock with a “push-pull” pot which allows you to switch from a single coil pickup to the full humbucker. I demonstrate these tones in the video and access them all.

I’m a big fan of both styles of guitars, Fender and Gibsons, and I feel like Framus has taken the best of both worlds here and combined them into 1 guitar.

Overview of my Framus Idolmaker Review:

The Idolmaker “Teambuilt” comes out of the box with everything massively upgraded. Seymour Duncan pickups, graphtech nut and tuners, strap locks and more.

It’s even got glow-in-the-dark fret markers! That may sound gimmicky, but even that is a well thought out detail to help you perform well on dark stages.

It’s a crazy good guitar and I’m glad to have one and to also share this video with you so you can consider one for yourself.

Check out all the Framus stuff here: