Getting chords is relatively easy on the guitar. The thing most people have problems with is switching in between chords and making their guitar playing sound rhythmic and musical.

Without seamless chord changes, your guitar playing on won’t be very easy on the ears of your listeners.

I haven’t seen this chord switching method taught by anyone else, and it’s worked really really well for thousands of my students worldwide.

I hope that you get the same kind of benefit from this. I’ll show you an easy song with an easy and rhythmic strumming pattern. While we are at it we’ll tackle a classic song as well. We’ll learn a Guns N’ Roses song and most importantly, I’ll show you the secrets to switching the chords.

I will be showing you how to switch from a D chord to a G chord (which is one of the most common chord changes) so this video lesson should set you up for the future.

The other cord in the song is a C major add 9. more commonly, this chord is called a Cadd9.

The folk strum pattern is a classic rhythmic strumming pattern that you will also see in a lot of songs.

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Keep on rippin’ it up!

Will Ripley