Many of our guitar amps have FX loops. They are annoying because you have to use 2 extra guitar cables in order to use them…However, once you discover how well certain guitar pedals work and sound in FX loops though (like reverb, delay and your volume pedals), it’s hard to revert back to a regular “in-front of the amp” type of set up.

I quickly became annoyed by using my amps FX loop and discovered the RockBoard MOD 1 patchbay. This has been a GAME CHANGER for me as I’m able to roll into a gig or jam session, and bring an insanely elaborate guitar rig, with hardly any extra setup time!

I’m also using a “Pedal Snake” ( which is basically a kit that includes this material called “Techflex”, and some extra fittings.

Using this pedal snake and Rockboard MOD 1 patchbay means that I can run a 5 cable system all within 1 “cable snake” and have my guitar rig setup within minutes. It also helps me not forget or leave behind my other cables at gigs, or at home.

So here’s my setup that goes straight into the MOD 1:

A) Guitar In
B) Guitar FX Send
C) Guitar FX Return
D) Guitar Out
E) Guitar amps foot switch
F) Power

I’d highly recommend you check out all the Rockboard products. I’ve been using them for years now with awesome results and it’s absolutely made my life better as a musician/guitar player!

Check them out here: