I break down every lead guitar technique here in this video. Sometimes the first steps to becoming a lead guitar player is just knowing the soloing techniques and methods.

This loaded lesson covers everything from wide vibrato to tremolo picking.

In this lesson I cover the following:

  • How tobend strings on an acoustic and electric
  • How to get perfect right hand technique and where to place your hand
  • How to hold the pick
  • Why the pick angle is really important for playing faster and smoother
  • How guitarists can play so fast
  • How to get good, musical sounding vibrato
  • How to do Jimi Hendrix style hammer ons and pull offs
  • What sweep picking is and how to do it

Not only will I show you how each lead guitar soloing method and technique is done, but I will also show you real-life examples and licks that you can start working on right away.

I hope this helps you, and if you are interested in linking up for a one-on-one lesson, getting access to my full-fledged video series “Campfire Guitar Star” or just interested in staying in touch and getting more free content, I hope to get notification that you follow the links and information here on the site!

Keep on rippin’ it up!

Will Ripley