This guitar lesson is going to be perfect if you are a beginner on the acoustic and you are interested in learning easy songs.

The overview of this 15 minute lesson looks like this–we’re going to decode my teaching system. This proven method has been effective with thousands of students all over the world, It’s designed to be a progressional sequence that builds foundation and most importantly it makes learning guitar enjoyable.

We’re going to be covering riffs and tabs like Deep Purple, The White Stripes and then we’ll move into full-fledged chords through learning a beginner version of “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC.

My teaching method which is available in four hours of content in my video program “Campfire Guitar Star” breaks it down in a similar way, but of course expands on it in a multitude of ways. You’ll definitely get some value and a taste of what playing guitar as a beginner should look like.

My proven guitar teaching method that works awesome for beginners on acoustic is based around a selected list of easy songs. These easy songs are actually disguised because they are actually excellent finger workouts. They build your foundation for reading tabs and other important guitar material.

So we start with baselines AKA single note riffs. These are both fun to play and are like taking your fingers to the “guitar gym”.

Then we move into two finger chords. The most commonly used two finger chord is what us guitarists call a power chord. In this video we use open string power chords and our generic  chord utilizing two separate fingers (usually your first and third finger).

Only after there’s a lot of practice with single notes and power chords would a beginner be ready for chord building and chord strumming. Very rarely will I teach a student chords right on their first, second or even third lesson.

In this particular lesson, I teach an easy acoustic beginner version for a classic AC/DC song. Introducing an easy, chord strumming song is essential for a budding guitarists first introduction to chords. I think you’ll find this version that is included in the video to point you in the right direction.

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