This lesson is perfect for a electric guitar player who is a beginner and wants to play fun, cool songs.

We will cover a bunch of cool songs utilizing single notes/bass line style riffs.

Next probably the most important electric guitar chord called a “power cord”. We will learn a bunch of classic rock style tracks utilizing this beginner guitar technique.

Only once single notes/bass line style riffs and our power cords are solid then we can move into full chords utilizing 3 to 4 fingers.

This is a sample of what’s really worked well for thousands of students across the world. I’ve been teaching guitar in this way for many years with really awesome results. It’s all about a progression. We started easy, built a foundation of technique and knowledge and upped the progression step-by-step.

Some of the songs that I’ve included here are specifically chosen for a beginner or electric guitar player.

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Keep on rippin’ it up!

Will Ripley