This is the Rockboard “MOD 5”. It’s a cabinet simulator D.I box…but who cares what it is – what will it allow you to do? Perform, Record and practice your guitar (or bass), easier than ever before.

PERFORM: This is the ultimate platform for rehearsals and gigs that DOES NOT require an amp!

I was confused on this…like…uh, how do you get wicked guitar tone without an amp?

Well – as you know, FX pedals like distortions, overdrives etc… All essentially emulate an amp so the idea and design behind the MOD 5 was to create a platform where you can use your dirt pedals and get your ‘base tone’ from your pedalboard, then instead of your output cable going into an amp, it’s going into the MOD 5.

It has an XLR (mic cable) out so that means that your rig can go straight into the mixing board at rehearsals and gigs where you can capture a ultra-polished sound (without lugging out an amp).

This brings me to the next feature with is RECORDING. With that XLR out, you can go right into your audio interface and capture some really impressive tones (very easily!) and you can switch out your cab sound on the fly to dial it in just right.

And I’m totally saving the best for last here…


The MOD 5 provides an on-board ‘headphone amp’ which will allow you to run your pedalboard right into your headphones, and of course you still have the 6 speaker cabs to choose from as well. This makes it a perfect guitar headphone practice setup.

This has been my favourite use of the MOD 5. Since having children (I have 2 small babies at home now), I just can’t ‘light it up’ on my tube amps like I used to. I’ve honestly been pretty dispirited about my guitar playing and practicing until this came along.

This has breathed NEW LIFE into my at-home guitar playing.

I’m able to use all my favourite pedals, get MY TONES, and practice at home, silently.

I haven’t mentioned the patch bay aspect of it, but stay tuned for my MOD 1 review coming out shortly. The MOD 5 has 3 inputs/outputs which you can use however you see fit.

Absolutely epic. I’m glad to share this with you. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions about this deadly little rig! To learn more about the Rockboard MOD 5 – Check out