In this lesson, I’ll be showing you electric guitar songs for beginners that I give to my own personal students.

These songs are hand selected and proven to work with beginner electric guitar players. Most importantly, there is a lot of content in this video for different stages of beginner guitar playing.

First we’ll start out with bass lines/single note riffs that are fun to play, sound good and get your fingers moving on the fretboard. They also develop foundational guitar playing such as understanding and reading tab.

Next, we’ll talk about power cords. This is probably the most common and well-known guitar technique that is used by both beginners and professional rock stars. They are big sounding chords and a lot of classic rock guitar songs use these chords. It’s perfect for a beginner learning.

We cover a lot of beginner electric guitar songs like Queen, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Joan Jett, The White Stripes, Deep Purple and more.

These songs are actually great finger exercises as well.

I hope this helps you, and if you are interested in linking up for a one-on-one lesson, getting access to my full-fledged video series “Campfire Guitar Star” or just interested in staying in touch and getting more free content, I hope to get notification that you follow the links and information here on the site!

Keep on rippin’ it up!

Will Ripley