Right Hand Guitar Lesson – How To Improve Right Hand Technique Electric Guitar.

This is the kind of stuff that pro guitar players do naturally…but no one that I’ve seen will break it down and explain it like I do in this lesson.

How to stabilize your hand to avoid hitting wrong strings & How to play fast and smooth…

I am going to show you the right and the left hand technique on acoustic guitar, a Fender style guitar and the Gibson style guitar which should cover all your basis based on the stuff you need to worry about, especially with your right hand.

You are going to go up and up, check on what your right hand is doing. Is your finger on the body, your wrist on the bridge or is it floating entirely that your hand is no connection? So this is the most important part about your technique in playing guitar. What I want to talked to you about is the inside of your hand.

We are going to talked about the fleshy part of your right hand, the thumb pillow. What are we going to do is we are going to use it as our stability point. But before that, the first stability point I want to get your attention is the inside of your elbow and your forearm. You are going to get the stability from it. It is natural for some people but I just want it to bring into your attention. You are going to rest the inside of your elbow on the edge of the guitar and you can bring down your hand.

This is where the hand pillow comes in, the fleshy part of the inside of your thumb. You are going to rest that part on the wood of the guitar and this is going to be the second point of your stability. We are going to the 1,2,3,4 business, that warm-up scale and we are going to have a nice solid stability with our right hand. It is really common to rest your hand along the bridge as well. You can rest your hand, the in between part of your hand, and you can press that in the bridge at the first knob of the guitar. We are going to talk the electrics in here in case you got one of those.

When we get to the next segment of videos, I am going to teach you a whole bunch of riffs. And what you want to do is you are going to make sure every single time that your right hand is down for all the single note riffs. I told you it can be floating when strumming but later on for the single note riffs, what I want you to do is gain all your stability and your accuracy getting your right hand planted. I would suggest that getting your finger curled in nice as soft fist and that’s going to reduce the chances you gain any stability with your right hand.

As you naturally progress as a guitar player, you are going to be needing the combination of the two. You are going to use the thumb pillow and you are going to use the tips of your fingers. Some players don’t’, I don’t’ know, some players use the guitar just like close fist or some uses their pinky finger. Getting that right hand and thumb pillow is going to be where you want to start. You want to get that thing down.

The next thing in mind I will show you, might blow your mind a little bit, what are going to do is move our hands across the strings. We are going to touch our right hand against the strings.

Number one, We gain stability—which is so important and I have been telling you that. And then the next thing is an extra added bonus you got to mute the unnecessary strings from ringing which is so awesome to make you sound cleaner and make you sound a better guitar player. When I am playing to my 1,2,3,4 which by the way sort on any fret, what you are going to do is to have that hand pillow planted on the wood of the guitar. As we play along, I can’t reach that top string and my wrist is at a weird angle. We always want to keep our wrist angle straight.

How we achieve that is, like I said, by climbing up on the strings. As long as we start hitting at the A string, the thumb pillow climb up in the E string. The right hand and the left hand move together, when the one moves down the other moves down as they’re working together. Again, on the 7th fret of the D string, and I climb up and my thumb pillow is on the E and A string. I am on my D string and check out the thumb pillow (see video) that’s why I’m resting and I just keep on moving along. And I can get back down on the wood of the guitar. This is something you can cycle about a million times and will never hurt your guitar playing. Believe me, this is something to be very beneficial for you.

I found out that I was doing this naturally, but I started researching how guitarists like Paul McCartney, Zakk Wylde and others were placing their right hand on the guitar and this is how ya wanna do it.

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