Here’s an easy power chord songs on guitar – I love rock n roll by Joan Jett.

I love Rock & Roll (pt.2)

Here comes your power chord graduation!

Reference the tab that you see in this chapter.  Make sure you’re using proper fingering (1st and 3rd) for your power chords.  It will leave your second finger free and in a good position to get that third fret of the E string.

So, as mentioned, this is your power chord graduation. This is an opportunity to utilize and execute what you’ve learned so far up until now.

As you might remember, we learned “I Love Rock N’ Roll” as a bassline/single note riff like this:

With this “power chord” version, we’re going to extend the notes into full power chords which will get your riff a lot closer to the original recording.

This songs starts with an E5 chord, uses an A5 chord and a B5 chord. Remember, that’s just like saying an “E power chord”, an “A power chord” and a “B power chord”.

These techniques and chords are all over rock music. A band like AC/DC comes to mind. Rage Against The Machine also used these exact chords and techniques on the chorus of “Bullet in the Head”. They are truly universal, must-know guitar skills that can be used across a wide variety of music.

Remember to get those “claps” that mimic the snare drum throughout the riff. It’ll really make this song sound great. After the clap, get the pick on top of the next string you’re going to play so you’re ready to go.

*Bend the low E string with your second finger when playing the 3rd fret to make the riff sound juicy! In the tab below you’ll see “3b” to remind you.

Here’s the tab to let you know where the snare hits happen (x)


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