Here’s An Easy Power Chord Songs For Beginners – The Cool, But Easy Power Chord Riff From “I Love Rock N Roll” – Joan Jett Guitar Lesson.

Yours truly! Will Ripley + Mike B (Campfire Guitar Star)

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Enjoy this super easy badass bass line. Learning a few bass guitar riffs on the guitar is essential for a beginner guitarist. Bass riffs are often the same as guitar riffs just without the chords. Leaving just the single notes. To properly get your fingers ready for playing chords, learn a few badass bass lines!


When you’ve got this one down, we have a lesson for the full version later on in the program. The only difference is adding a few notes to the notes we already have. So, make sure you get this one down first!

Your guitar (acoustic or electric) can also be a drum. Abuse your guitar with a calculated slap to spice up the rhythm. When performing the slap, make sure it is hard enough that you hear the strings crashing into the frets. But don’t get too carried away, it’s not a punching bag.


Tips for learning this Riff:


-Listen to the song a few times. Search “I love Rock n Roll – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts” Get that riff in your head. Memorize it before you play it!


-Take advantage of the open strings. When it’s time to play an open string, don’t hesitate! Just go for it. Get your left hand fingers ready above the frets they are going to be fretting.


-You only need to use your first finger, and your second finger. I imagine you are only searching for guitar lessons on youtube because you don’t have a teacher. Teachers are great for pointing out bad habits early, before they can develop over time. Since you don’t have that, you are responsible for making sure that you use the correct fingerings. Just keep your 3rd and 4th finger out of the way in this one.


Make sure you take advantage of the backing track at the end of this video! Backing tracks are essentially a funner version of the metronome. Not only does it simulate playing with a band/other people, it keeps you in time.


I Love Rock n Roll came out November 18, 1981. It is on Joan Jett’s second album also title “I Love Rock n Roll.” This was the first album with her backing band “The Blackhearts.”