Whole Lotta Love. One of the most iconic guitar riffs of all time. A bunch of new studio techniques that would change the world of music production forever. Some of the hardest hitting drums linked with John Paul Jones holding it all together on the bass.

But the solo. The tone is out of this world. Every lick Jimmy plays is perfect. And here’s the best part:

It’s a great solo to learn!

It’s broken up into 6 individual phrases. Which make Whole Lotta Love much easier to learn than some other solos!

In the latter-half of the video, I go through each phrase at 3 different speeds. 50%, 75%, and 100%. I go through each speed 3 times.

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Easy Led Zeppelin Solos | Whole Lotta Love Solo Slow!

0:30 Lesson Intro
1:29 Phrase 1 (Walk through)
3:58 Phrase 2 (Walk through)
5:40 Phrase 3 (Walk through)
6:50 Phrase 4 (Walk through)
8:17 Phrase 5 (Walk through)
8:58 Phrase 6 (Walk through)
9:58 Phrase 1 (To Metronome)
10:56 Phrase 2 (To Metronome)
11:45 Phrase 3 (To Metronome)
12:33 Phrase 4 (To Metronome)
13:24 Phrase 5 (To Metronome)
14:08 Phrase 6 (To Metronome)

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