Here’s the Paradise City Chords & an Easy Guns N Roses Guitar Lesson.

Yours truly! Will Ripley (Campfire Guitar Star)

Paradise City

Released in 1987 by Guns ‘N Roses on their first album “Appetite for Destruction”. It has since sold approximately 30 million copies worldwide! “Paradise City” is said to have been written by the band while they were all hanging out in the back of their rental van after a gig.  Slash, their iconic guitarist has said that this is his favorite Guns ‘N Roses song.  It’s frequently played at sporting events and has been covered by many other famous musicians… and even Tom Cruise.

The first chord is a G chord, but it looks a little different.  Playing it in this formulation helps it ring and sound more open.  It’s also makes it very easy to switch between chords.

The next chord is a Cadd9 shape, but just missing that 1st finger. The 3rd shape as you can see, you just move that 2nd finger down one more string. This is basically acting as an F chord.

This is a super classic strum pattern and is another great song to practice the “bracketed upstrokes”.  Check out the strum pattern below and every time you see a bracketed strum, that is where you move your second finger to create the next chord.

*Check the chord charts and use the techniques we’ve learned to make sure you’re not playing the strings marked with an “X”

*If the strum pattern is hard to “feel” – get logged in at CampfireGuitarStar.ROCKS and watch the video. Often once you hear the strum pattern or the rhythm, the arrows start to make a whole lot more sense

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