Here’s a beginner guitar version of “You shook me all night long” chords. Easy AC/DC songs to play on guitar!


Beginner guitar “You shook me all night long” chords. Easy AC/DC songs to play on guitar! – Our full beginner guitar course

In this guitar lesson, we’re going to be covering the iconic guitar rock band AC/DC. Specifically, we’re going to be covering how to play the classic song “She shook me all night long” on the guitar! This guitar song it is easy to play on both acoustic and electric guitar. It uses the basic G, C, and D chords, to form a great, punchy sounding guitar chordal riff.

What makes this guitar song so easy to play on acoustic and electric guitar is the formation of the chord shapes. I will note that this isn’t the exact same way that Angus Young and Malcolm Young play the song on the original recording of AC/DC’s classic album “Back In Black”. However, I think you’ll find that this is easy AC/DC guitar song is very recognizable in the way that I’ll show you how to play it on guitar in this guitar lesson.

The big key component to playing this guitar chording riff is the rhythm. Using a left and right hand muting technique, you can get the stop and start sound of the iconic, and easy guitar song.

In this guitar lesson, we’ll show you how to play this easy guitar song by moving mostly just one finger. This one’s finger movement is going to be executed through moving your second finger back-and-forth from the E and A string along the third fret.

These chord shapes are a G major and the C major add nine chord. Specifically in this AC/DC easy guitar lesson, we’re using the C major add nine chord (Cadd9) because it’s such an easy chord switching shape to-and-from the G major chord.

After moving back and forth between the G and the C chord using your left and right hand muting technique you’ll be able to perform most of the classic AC/DC song “She Shook Me” from there album “Back In Black”. The only chord shape that will require more finger movement is going to the D major chord.

The D major chord is found in many classic guitar songs and many AC DC songs. The great thing about this guitar lesson and this version that I’m showing you is how easy it is to switch to the D major. This is done through the G major and C major chording shapes by keeping your third finger rooted on the third fret of the B-string throughout the entire guitar song. This makes the change to the D major chord very easy.

It’s important when you’re playing this AC/DC guitar song whether you’re on acoustic or electric guitar to keep that third finger routed on the third fret of the B string throughout the entire verse riff to make the chord changes fast, smooth and effortless.

Once you get the basic chord changes down, the next thing that a beginner guitarist would want to focus on to make this song sound powerful and punchy like AC/DC makes it sound. You’ll accomplish this guitar sound and improving your guitar tone by strumming through the strings with your guitar pack in your picking hand firm and strong. This will allow more resonance from the guitar whether you’re on acoustic or electric guitar.

You have to remember that you’re playing a powerful rock song and you will make it sound more like the original guitarists Malcolm Young and Angus Young from an AC/DC by strumming with your pick through the guitar strings nice and hard.

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