Hello beginner guitarist! Get ready to finally start having fun on the guitar! Playing scales and boring exercises will improve your skills, but will cause you to burn out from lack of fun. Don’t get in a guitar rut!

As you know, it can be hard to find songs to play when you’re first getting started on the guitar. I have saved you a ton of time by creating a short list of songs that you can instantly play. Learning super easy classic guitar riffs: That is the best way to learn guitar technique!

As a beginner guitarists, your number one priority is building muscle memory in the right and left hands. These 4 songs are hand selected for their ability to get anyone, of any age, and any skill level playing music and having fun on the guitar. I have taught people aged 5 to 75 these riffs, and everybody gets them down!

Learning to play the guitar doesn’t need to be a painful, difficult process. All it takes is a few easy guitar riffs and before you know it, you’ve established hand positioning and muscle memory. After that, chords, scales, and all your favorite songs will take no time to learn.

So, do your guitar playing a favor and have fun learning these super easy, fun, classic guitar riffs.


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Easiest Songs To Play On Electric Guitar For Beginners

2:20 The Blues Brothers – Theme from Peter Gunn
7:35 Batman
10:30 Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused
16:12 Queen – Another One Bites the Dust

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