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Who is Will Ripley and Why Is He Qualified To Teach Me? 

Since graduating from music college and attending the Berklee College of Music, I've been running several guitar programs in different cities and online. I've successfully taught thousands of people guitar. I've also been fortunate to have toured, performed and recorded with legitimate rockstars including  Jethro Tull, David Bowie, Papa Roach, and more.


"Get My Easy, Step-By-Step Method That's Proven Effective With Thousands Of Students And Guarantees You'll Become A Great Guitarist FAST."

My teaching philosophy is based from patience and compassion. In 5 Minute Guitar, I'll explain things to you very thoroughly and step-by-step to ensure everything you learn sticks and you won't get frustrated.
5 Minute Guitar starts with basic songs. But don't be fooled - these are finger exercises in disguise. These movements are secretly getting your fingers prepared to stick chords instantly to you can lock down tough chord changes with total ease.
You'll learn songs of a range of styles in the Pop, Rock, and Blues realm. I've hand picked these specific songs and artists carefully to ensure that you get the most important skills you need to have in your guitar toolkit so you become a well-rounded guitarist
In my years of teaching, I've discovered there are actually many great lessons inside of our favorite songs.  These include, chord changes, power chords, major and minor open chords, bass lines, barre chords and how to play every major and minor chord in at least 2 different places and all kinds of important theory and flashy techniques.
in my 5 Minute Guitar method, I inject some ultra-important theory and techniques along the way that you've got to know as a guitarist. This will help you make sense of what you're playing and help you to understand what your favorite guitar players do. This also gears you up with musical communication skills so you can keep up with people who you play and jam with.
I'll teach you guitar in a way that will gear you up with competence and adaptiveness so you can play guitar to your fullest capacity - whatever talent level you possess right now.

What Will My Guitar Skills Look Like After I Invest My Time And Money?

5 Minute Guitar is thorough. Be prepared to learn the magic, theory and techniques with the proper terminology behind all your favorite songs and styles so that you will become a fully capable guitarist.

5 Minute Guitar starts from the ground up. It's designed for you as a beginner or intermediate guitarist to get the skills to play cool, recognizable songs. But most importantly, you'll develop the chord knowledge and the solid rhythmic techniques to jam, write songs, and have the skills to learn any song so that nothing will hold you back.

You can't build a mansion without a proper, concrete foundation. 5 Minute Guitar unlocks the mysteries of guitar so you can play real music, sound pro, unchain your talent, and propel yourself forward with impressive guitar skills. 

I'll gear you up with a level of guitar mastery that will give you the skills to play with other musicians and the abilities to play on stage. Whether you choose that route is up to you, but be prepared to get be blown away by what you're capable of with 5 Minute Guitar!


Don’t Take My Word For It

“Will is a very knowledgeable guitarist and great teacher. His instruction has been crucial in my development as a guitar player. Thanks to Will I have significantly improved my understanding of musical theory and guitar techniques. I have also been motivated to keep practicing in order to become the best guitar player I can be!”


“I got my All-Access Pass to 5 Minute Guitar and am really impressed with what I've learned and how Will teaches. It's hard to believe that even a 59-year-old can get his fingers to move faster with the right instructions!”


"After the first lesson, my daughter was playing a song in a recognizable way, and it was a cool song. Not only that, she was on the guitar all the time, and inspired. It was very impressive to watch."


Here's What You'll Get With Your 
All-Access Pass to 5 Minute Guitar

  • Get all the technique, and theory that you need to become a real guitar player 
  • Take your skills to the pro level as fast as possible by practicing for only 5 minutes a day
  • Get over the shoulder, close up, point-of-view shots that will make the magic and mystery behind great guitar playing totally attainable
  • Get guitar lessons with an college educated, real musician that is a certified and experienced teacher. Will is fun and breaks complex guitar lingo down that even a kid could understand
  • Get high quality tabs, chord charts and TIMER clearly on the screen during the lessons. You'll never get lost, confused or frustrated
  • Develop flawless technique - learn every aspect of correct left and right hand technique to ensure your growth towards the best guitar playing out there
  • Get Wills secret chord sticking and chord changing techniques. Never stumble on chord changes ever again
  • Get the guitar skills that will give you the know-how on leading yourself moving forward to play any song you want
  • Understand scales, chords, charts, tab and technique in a way that will take unnecessary confusion out of music
  • Learn iconic rock and blues scales to get you started on hot lead playing and soloing
  • Unlock thousands of songs by learning all your major and minor chords and the most important strum patterns so you can play your favorite styles and songs
  • Get helpful guitar resources, downloads and support including a members-only Facebook group and email support. Also, book 1-on-1 lessons with Will and his team

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I look forward to personally guide you to becoming a guitar player that will impress your listeners. Most importantly, I look forward to guiding you to become a guitarist that will be satisfied, fulfilled and impressed with yourself.


Will Ripley