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It seemed like a good time to tell you about “Building The Blues” because I’m going live tomorrow, Friday May 29 for “Albert The King” which will be #2 in my series of “Rock Guitar Solo of The Week”. Tune in at 5:30pm ET right here on the channel to catch it live.

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“Building The Blues” was a lot of fun to create and share. It focuses on 2 main things in the blues:

#1 Rhythm

Chords, shuffles, straight blues, 12 bar blues, quick IV blues, jump blues, blues rock….all the chords you need to know like dominant and minor 7ths and more.

#2 Lead guitar

With the foundation set of deeply understanding the various blues forms and rhythms, then we dive into licks, scales, theory, lead guitar and soloing over the blues.

What’s been so fantastic is hearing from guitarists over the years who’ve gone through “Building The Blues” and having them tell me how much it helped them.

I’ve even worked with some of these students 1:1 and it’s been incredible to see that their skill and knowledge is actually REALLY SOLID. Like, it’s even hard for me to believe that a student can learn that much from a video course…but I’ve seen it with my own eyes with 3 different students that have gone deep into “Building The Blues”.

Definitely if you want to get electric blues guitar playing under your fingers and the skills together where you can jam with others and rip it up on both rhythm and leads, I can confidently recommend “Building The Blues”.

You can get a 7-day free trial to JamPlay to check out “Building The Blues” right here: