“How To Master Your Singing Voice” (Interview w/ Roger Love). Is he the best vocal coach in the world? HE’S GOT TO BE. Roger Love is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on voice and vocal coaching. He has over 30 years of vocal coaching experience and has helped thousands of people find their voice, some of whom include Oscar, Screen Actors Guild, and Grammy Award winners.

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Questions I asked in the interview:

0:40 Singing is hard. HOW DO YOU GET GOOD AT SINGING?
2:32 What’s it like to work with celebrities in a vocal lesson when they may be in a ‘vulnerable state’?
4:40 How do you know if your tone deaf?
5:56 A lot of people think they have a really low level of musical ability, especially with singing…what message do you share with singing students like that?
8:30 For the singers out there that need to work on their vocals and take lessons, can you tell us about your approach as a vocal coach who provides singing lessons?
12:09 – Does everyone have a “break’ in their vocals? How to fix that voice crack when you sing in your full range?
14:01 – Can you tell us about the Roger Love Singing Academy? Can you tell us about your approach and what people can expect when they get access to it?
16:50 – What advice can you specifically give to guitar players about singing?
20:46 – How do you sing Rock and Blues and with emotion?
22:25 – You have 3 levels in your vocal academy, what’s covered in each level?
23:09 – How do you get 10% off the Roger Love Vocal Academy and how do you register?


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Beginner singers: No worries, Roger will have you completely covered in level 1. The foundation gets set here and if you’re looking for singing lessons for intermediates or advanced levels, well Roger also has level 2 and level 3 to have you completely covered!


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