Ever been confused by tab? This lesson will show you advanced guitar tab – how to read more than 1 note at at time. It’s perfect for power chords, open chords and more.

Yours truly! Will Ripley (Campfire Guitar Star)

Advanced Tab

If you are comfortable reading tab so far, this will be nice and straight forward. Take a look at this screenshot from the video.  When you have 2 notes in-line or right on top of one another in tab, they are simply played at the same time. This example “0” and “2”, you’ll see they are written one on top of the next and not one after another.

With your first finger on the second fret of the A string, play these two notes together by strumming down on the 2 strings simultaneously.

Generally tab doesn’t tell you which fingers to use, but as you progress, you’ll find the best ways of using your fingers and it will become more apparent which fingers should be used when you’re working your way through tablature.

Here’s another example:

Again, looking at the tab on the left, play the second fret of the A string with your first finger and the 4th fret of the D string with your third finger.

*“0” written in tab will always indicate playing the string open.

*Remember, the difference between scale charts and tab – When reading tab, the numbers reference what frets to play.  When reading chord charts, the numbers (if written on the strings) indicate your fingering.

The songs we have been learning up to this point are essentially bass lines on the guitar.  The next set of songs will step up your playing to incorporate new techniques like 2 notes at a time and power chords.  

Must-know “Open power chords” tabbed out:

Open power chords use the exact same formula as what I’ve been teaching – just utilizing open strings. These are the types of chords that a band like AC/DC loves. Actually, try going E5, D5 D5 D5, A5 A5 A5 and you have the opening chords to “Back in Black”!

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