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It was a total blast recording this series and sharing this acoustic guitar series with the world through JamPlay.

You’ll discover the basics like chords, chord strumming, changing chords, finger position and technique.

After the basics are covered, we’ll quickly accelerate into ‘intermediate zone’ where a guitarist will get more of those acoustic guitar trademark techniques like when a guitarist plays WITHOUT a pick. So we’ll tackle the technique of ‘fingerstyle’ and finger picking as well as basic strumming without a pick.

Speaking about strumming, not only will you discover all my chord changing and chord strumming techniques, but also, how to advance your strumming so you can really sound like a pro by injecting a ton of rhythm into your playing.

These skills will allow you to boil down a complex band arrangement so you can be 1 person with 1 guitar and make everything sound super full and impress anyone who hears you play!

Check it all out here, my acoustic guitar lesson series over at JamPlay and get a 7-day free trial to this course, 5 of my other courses and thousands of others top-notch guitar lessons: